Email-to-Fax functionality through RightFax fax server’s Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and SMTP Connectors offers complete fax integration for your organization’s email client; allowing end-users to conveniently send, receive, and manage faxes through their standard Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Google email boxes. Email Fax joins the power of fax with the familiarity of email, helping enterprises achieve their unified messaging goals – and improve communication efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Email-to-Fax Benefits

Email-to-fax functionality offers organizations multitude of benefits that drastically improve an organization’s day to day operations, including:

Increased Customer Service

Create customized and automated notifications about sent and received faxes in Outlook, allowing for a speedy and personalized communication channel with important customers and vendors. Faxes are sent directly to the intended inbox, rather than sitting in an unorganized pile waiting to be manually couriered to the proper place. Email to fax will improve claims processing efficiency, making it easier to quickly serve customers and manage paperwork.

Great Flexibility

Faxes can be easily stored and printed at your convenience. Print only the needed pages, forward important faxes to clients, and handle all faxing requirements right from the desktop. No more waiting in line to use a shared fax machine to view or send a fax – easily store, copy, and securitize email faxes. Create, send, receive, and manage faxes directly within Microsoft Outlook, utilizing a familiar and user-friendly interface. Send and receive faxes between single users, or broadcast a fax over the entire fax server network. Also, faxes can be automatically stored and archived, whether it is an incoming or outgoing fax.Enhanced Productivity, Speed and Efficiency

Incoming faxes are able to initiate an automated workflow process, rather than sitting around unattended, waiting to be manually couriered to the intended recipient. Effortlessly generate and send new faxes to one or more contact addresses in an Outlook Contacts folder, and include both fax recipients and email recipients in the same form. Maintain productivity through “never busy” fax numbers – email fax will save considerable amounts of time when compared to traditional faxing methods.

Regulatory Compliance

Attending a fax machine to prevent an unauthorized third party from intercepting the fax is an inefficient utilization of a knowledge-worker – save time and ensure security by delivering faxes directly to the designated inbox. Confirm and document the receipt of information which is important for compliance with Federal and State regulations. Benefit from advanced document tracking and fax notifications through Outlook – there are a wide variety of notifications on both inbound and outbound faxes that can be set up to enable users to track the status of faxes, ensure that important information reaches the intended recipient, and trigger automated business processes.


No more dealing with paper jams, empty toner cartridges, empty paper, and forgetting to turn the fax machine on. Unlike a stand-alone fax machine, email fax is always “on”. Just throw away your traditional, stand-alone fax machine.

Consolidate the Management of Pertinent Documents

With email fax, a computer is essentially turned into a powerful fax machine. In fact, in sending, receiving, organizing, or printing faxes, dealing with paper is no longer necessary. You get one centralized place to send, receive, and manage faxes and emails through the Outlook email inbox with seamless integration into your existing legacy application.

Increased Mobility

Using integrated fax server software, send and receive faxes with any internet-enabled device, whether you are using a desktop, laptop, cell phone, or even a PDA. Waiting at the office to receive an important fax can interfere with other business priorities, but by enabling email fax, experience a new form of mobility. With integrated fax software, be where you need to be to focus on your business, rather than being anchored down by traditional faxing methods. Never fail to receive an important fax again, no matter where you are.