Healthcare OCR (optical character recognition) solutions ease organizations' transition to HIPAA compliance. Healthcare providers are tasked to deliver superior levels of medical treatment while containing costs. Life science organizations are under increasing pressure to reduce product cycle times and costs while meeting regulatory mandates. In either scenario, ClaimsCapture can help your organization by providing OCR data capture, automated and accurate forms processing, and archiving of medical records for significant time savings that affect your bottom line and enhances patient care.

Paperless Healthcare with OCR

ClaimsCapture solutions address healthcare organizations' special requirements:
  • Maintain accurate medical and pharmacy documents: clinical exam and registration forms, health histories and Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), prescriptions, explanations of benefits (EOBs), UB, CMS-1500/HCFA and other medical claims forms, etc.
  • Comply with HIPAA regulations
  • Allow doctors and administrators simultaneous access to patient records with different levels of security
  • Provide remote access to patient records in emergency situations

OCR Benefits in Healthcare

ClaimsCapture is a multilingual data capture and document processing solution that automatically and accurately converts streams of various forms and documents into business-ready data and provides:
  • Unsurpassed accuracy in OCR classification and data extraction
  • High scalability and expandability
  • Advanced integrity and customizability
ClaimsCapture helps organizations of any kind with any volume of paperwork to significantly increase efficiency by automating paper-based business processes through document imaging and OCR data capture technology.
  • Improve patient care by allowing timely and secure access to medical records
  • Eliminate costs of manual data entry of medical records and forms
  • Increase accuracy of records by eliminating error-prone manual data entry through intelligent OCR data capture technology
  • Reduce costs and improve office productivity by accelerating business processes
  • Easily adhere to compliance requirements such as HIPAA