ABBYY OCR Data Capture Solutions: Transcription


Is ABBYY doing the right things with our technology to help keep your company, and your solutions, competitive against others in the market?

Shamel Naguib:

"ABBYY does multiple things that help in that regard. One is that, again, going back to the power of the technology itself, it's technology that's written well, written properly, properly tested, properly vetted before going out to market. That's seems like a simple thing, but most people don't do that well.

The second part is that ABBYY's extremely flexible to work with in terms of putting together business solutions for our clients to help meet some of those competitive challenges that we might run into.'s great, that combination of the business side along with the technical side--powerful technology and a well-rounded business mind. That's a combination that's perfect for success."

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