ABBYY OCR Software Technology Trends: Transcription


What do you think the industry should know about data capture today? What kinds of trend are you seeing in the market? How does that affect everybody else?

Shamel Naguib:

"I think some of the key trends that are taking place in the market today include the further integration of the mobile platform. So to be able to take your phone or your iPad or what have you, take a picture of an invoice or a delivery--a proof of delivery--and have it go through a workflow, have it be extracted or processed.

And then another part of that is all the unstructured data that's able to be extracted from these documents. Proof of deliveries tend to be more static-type documents, but then you start looking at things like invoices and contracts and other unstructured types of data...and the power of ABBYY's technology is to be able to process the surveys and the application forms, etc., certainly...but also to extract all the critical data from unstructured be able to really create big data and to be able to report on the data that's being extracted. I think that's...that's a powerful combination."

Full video here.

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