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How To Make Faxing Bearable Again

RightFax & Private Fax Cloud®

With RightFax deployed to our Private Fax Cloud platform, you gain trustworthy transmission that frees up your team's time.

All-Inclusive, Managed Service

Take faxing off IT's plate. From set-up and monitoring to support and vendor interaction, there's exactly one call to make.

Fast & Frequent Delivery

Yes, faxing can streamline patient care. Our refined, battle-tested architecture expedites faxes and gives nearly real-time statuses and confirmations.

Control Costs, For Good

Each month, save 80%-90% vs. fax machines/MFDs, or 20%-30% per month vs. on-prem fax servers. RightFax on Private Fax Cloud eliminates consumables, minimizes staff time, and reduces rates for top-tier telco services. Coming from paper-intensive processes, the entire solution often pays for itself in under one year.

End-to-End Security

Support HIPAA compliance systematically. The entire platform lives on private cloud infrastructure, so there's no data commingling or unknown third parties to jeopardize your HIPAA efforts. We manage the tasks, but you have the ultimate say on security at the network, infrastructure, user, document, and workflow levels—all recorded in audit trails.

Integrations from Day One

Fax natively with your EMR/EHR and other key applications right off the bat. RightFax supports all major health IT vendors (including Epic, NextGen, and Cerner) and dozens of line-of-business applications out of the box. It also enables one-click faxing from virtually all other software.

Intuitive, Modern UI

Manage faxing from a desktop client or any modern browser. The experiences looks, feels, and works consistently across devices.

Configured Right the First Time

Most RightFax problems are preventable, but the pitfalls may not be obvious. With our expert engineers, your team won't need to "learn the hard way" through painful but avoidable issues. There's literally nothing we haven't seen!

Schedule an Assessment

Private Fax Cloud isn't always the right fit. But when it is, the time and cost savings are substantial. If you'd rather spend less time and energy battling your fax environment, and more supporting patient care, then let's make that a reality.Click here to schedule an assessment with a solution engineer. No pressure, no jamming a square peg into a round hole. Just a frank analysis of whether, or how, the Private Fax Cloud architecture can deliver the reliability and savings your team needs.

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