Medical clearinghouses and medical billing firms often revolve around EDI 837 transactions. Known as the Health Care Claims Transaction Set, the 837 standard is a HIPAA-mandated format for conveying patient and treatment information. Within the 837 transaction set are three slight variations for dental practices, healthcare institutions, and individual professionals.

In medical billing, EDI 835 transactions include payment and EOB/EOP information that correspond to the treatment detailed in the 837. Naturally, the two are closely connected. In many cases, it is possible for either type to be accompanied by more than one of the other.

Data Capture Automation for Health Care Claims Processing

Before any medical clearinghouse can actually receive and send EDI 837 information, however, the data must become digital. For far too long, this has meant manual data entry from piles of paper. The wasted budget and time are obvious, and the ease of making human errors jeopardizes the integrity of the whole process.

In recent years, however, data and workflow digitization solutions have become so sophisticated that far less manual input is actually required. And reduced labor costs are just one of several benefits of a streamlined, digital workflow.

  • Automated population of databases / repositories
  • Elimination of slow, resource-intensive fax machines
  • Facilitation of compliance with HIPAA data privacy regulations
  • Easy consolidation of input from fax, Web portals, scanned documents, etc.

EOB Processing Automation for EDI 837 Workflows

Paperless Productivity specializes in bringing paper-centric workflow into the modern age. Our clients include a range of healthcare firms, from medical billing offices and clearinghouses, to insurers, to large and small providers alike.

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