OCR for CMS-1500 forms is an essential strategy for converting one of the healthcare industry's most common documents into usable and secure digital information. Instead of painstaking, manual input, ClaimsCapture claims processing software lets the computer bear the burden.

In a sector where just under a quarter of all costs are related to administration and billing, few processes promise such a consistently high ROI once automated. And over time, the automation itself grows even "smarter" thanks to cutting-edge robotic process automation (RPA) features.

Automatic CMS-1500 OCR Processing

The CMS-1500 (formerly known as HCFA-1500) is the official paper form for all non-institutional providers as well as durable medical equipment suppliers to use when billing Medicare. It may occasionally come up in other government and private insurance billing scenarios, as well.

For many CMS-1500 / HCFA-1500 processors, the difficult combination of high volumes and crucial details has often meant a trade-off between speed and accuracy. Naturally, patients and providers/suppliers both have a major financial stake in capturing data accurately, and in the big picture, accuracy is even a matter of personal health outcomes. At the same time, the high and growing cost of billing and admin staff has created continual pressure to minimize time spent on tasks like manual data capture.

This CMS-1500 OCR solution is the only way to meet both needs:
  • The potential for errors is greatly reduced vs. manual processing—or eliminated altogether
  • Processing time is cut by upwards of 90%, and costs drop by more than half (even after purchasing the solution), as human involvement decreases to just a few seconds of verification per form

Often, claims forms may constitute just one of a client's many paper-intensive workflows. All sorts of health records, legal documents, and medical miscellany commonly arrive via fax—or even post—and each require processing time that a skilled worker could more profitably spend on other tasks. Yet these are the sorts of complexities that OCR software turns into unforeseen opportunities.

  • Create customized templates for rapid, precise capture of any paper or digital docs, such as the supporting materials that accompany claims forms
  • Instantly validate and confirm important details like CPT codes
  • Capture inbound faxes without ever printing another page
  • Automatically route captured information to any system, in accordance with your organization's security policies
  • Work across languages and locations with multilingual and mobile recognition capabilities
  • Use integrated RPA to automate increasingly complex workflows

In sum, claims form automation is often the beginning of a revolution in how healthcare organizations get, use, and protect data of all types. Given their high technical maturity and track record of sustained innovation, OCR solutions can help you turn data capture from a problem into a competitive advantage.

Implementation & Support for OCR with CMS-1500 Forms

Through years of industry-specific consulting, we have accumulated profound expertise in all facets of healthcare document automation. Whether by answering business or technical questions or by scheduling a live, private demonstration, we look forward to assisting.

If you are ready to gain more accurate coding and billing while substantially reducing the cost per form, then please contact Paperless Productivity today.