Cardiff TeleForm solutions gain truly enterprise-level forms distribution capabilities through integration with a RightFax fax server . Due to the intensive use and often business-critical nature of RightFax among enterprise clients, Cardiff has developed a proprietary plug-in to import fax images and data from the fax server into TeleForm.

This plug-in, the RightFax Image Input Connect Agent, links RightFax directly into the TeleForm inbox for capture, pre-filling, and distribution. Whether your organization uses the Desktop, Enterprise, or Intelligent Documentation Classification (IDC) edition of TeleForm, the ability to automate fax import often results in substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Added Benefits of TeleForm + Fax Server Integration

Integrating Cardiff TeleForm with a fax server can remove practically all paper from your forms processing workflow. Whereas incoming documents may currently be printed and scanned for import—a waste of time and resources—the RightFax plug-in makes incoming faxes available to TeleForm nearly instantly, and without ever printing a single page.

What else can RightFax do for you?

  • Provide strict and customizable controls to keep private faxes truly private
  • Automate both inbound and outbound faxing with most line-of-business software
  • Give users simple desktop faxing from any application that can print
  • Facilitate low-cost, high-flexibility telecom architecture like Fax-over-IP and even cloud faxing

RightFax Integration & Support

When it comes to delivering high-value solutions, clients throughout North America depend on our technical and business expertise, responsive RightFax support, and customized training programs. Whether your office already uses RightFax with other software or has just begun exploring electronic fax servers, Paperless Productivity can ensure a robust and user-friendly TeleForm fax workflow.

When it’s time to learn more about RightFax and TeleForm, simply contact Paperless Productivity to schedule a live demo or complimentary workflow analysis.