Working with ABBYY OCR Software: Transcription


What's your favorite thing about working with the ABBYY OCR software?

Shamel Naguib:

Working with the software itself is great in that it's powerful software, it does what it's claiming to do, and it does it well. "I think another part of the puzzle is the business side of ABBYY, and working with the staff and the people that not only put together the software, but also get the software to market. And having a good, easy team to work with...somebody who's flexible, somebody who's really on the same side [as] you in terms of putting together solutions for the would seem like that's a simplistic request, but most companies don't do that well. And ABBYY really has a good head on their shoulders when it comes to development and when it comes to going to market."Full video here.

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