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Learn How AP Departments Cut Costs & Workloads

You are invited to attend a webinar showing how our invoice processing automation solution lets clients:

  • Reduce the cost of receiving, processing, and paying invoices
  • Easily create a more transparent and streamlined AP workflow
  • Eliminate errors from the Accounts Payable process
  • Cut manual input down to nearly nothing
  • Capture discounts for timelier payment

AP operations are closely scrutinized for timeliness, accuracy, and cost per invoice. Paperless Productivity® helps improve these metrics through cutting-edge OCR software tailored specifically to the requirements of mid- to high-volume AP workflows.Unable to join us? Feel free to contact us about scheduling a private demonstration for you and your colleagues.

“Productivity is about ensuring the right level of person is doing the right job in the right way, not total FTE count. Technologies that facilitate process improvements to achieve that goal are key.”
- HFMA’s Healthcare Finance Outlook, 2008-2013

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