Your RightFax Questions, Answered

RightFax is a digital fax platform that brings trustworthy, compliant faxing into the modern age of cloud infrastructure.

How does RightFax work?

RightFax runs on a virtual server (recommended) or physical server. It functions as one centralized fax service for the entire organization, and even extends to branch offices and business partners. Like public cloud services, RightFax can completely replace fax machines. But unlike public cloud fax services, RightFax gives customers full control over their documents at all times. The RightFax server's main role is to route fax messages. Behind the scenes, it also manages scores of tasks like system resources, encryption, and access control. Internally, users and devices connect to RightFax over a company network. There are dozens of native connectors to integrate RightFax with common applications, but it's possible to connect virtually anything with internet or print capabilities.Externally, most RightFax servers connect to the outside world via IP telephony. A virtual gateway or session border controller facilitates communication between RightFax and the IP network.

What are the benefits of using RightFax?

RightFax's centralized, virtualized architecture provides cost, workflow, and security benefits. Our clients have consistently experienced:
  • Lower faxing costs, especially after migrating from analog lines and devices.
  • Support for organization-wide cloud initiatives and infrastructure modernization.
  • Complete control over access, security, and archival/retention—all reflected in a HIPAA-friendly audit trail.
  • Workflow automation, including integration with OCR tools and line-of-business applications.
  • Real-time fax status tracking and intuitive reporting.

What are some alternatives to RightFax?

There are dozens of commercial fax solutions, but only a handful are legitimate RightFax alternatives for enterprise use. In our experience, GFI and Biscom are the most common server-based alternatives, whereas eFax Corporate is the most common SaaS alternative. Their quality has improved in recent years, but there are still three reasons we generally recommend RightFax for medium to large clients:
  • Broader integration options via native connectors for most common applications (and reliable APIs for the rest).
  • Extremely granular security and audit features that support HIPAA compliance out of the box.
  • Best-in-class workflow automation that minimizes time and ambiguity.

What is the difference between RightFax and other fax software?

Other fax software falls into two categories: fax servers and SaaS fax services. Compared to other fax servers, RightFax:
  • Has significantly larger market share
  • Is recommended by more line-of-business software vendors (including EHR/EMR applications like Epic and Cerner)
  • Has a more comprehensive set of native integrations
  • Provides a more modern UI, especially on mobile devices
Compared to SaaS fax services, RightFax:
  • Gives vastly more control over document access, security, and retention.
  • Provides a more granular audit trail.
  • Has more native connectors for common software.
  • Is generally more cost-effective for high volumes of faxes.

How much does RightFax cost?

RightFax software itself is only one part of the overall cost. It's impossible to give a meaningful estimate without understanding your current environment, workflow goals, technical preferences, and legal requirements. For instance, just a few of the major factors in RightFax project cost include:
  • RightFax edition and add-ons
  • Inbound and outbound fax volume and SLAs
  • Suitability of existing IP telephony, if any
  • Custom RightFax integrations
  • User authentication, management, and audit requirements
  • Desire for an in-house vs. fully managed RightFax environment
If you're exploring costs or weighing options, then we'd like to equip you with a specific and comprehensive RightFax cost estimate. To begin yours, please contact us today to arrange a no-obligations discussion with a Paperless Productivity® solution architect.

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