Private Cloud-in-a-Box with HyperGrid

Rapid deployment of a private cloud is a critical and highly challenging scenario for many growing organizations. For VDI and storage cases in particular, strategic use of hyper-converged appliances (HCAs) can support comprehensive, and often same-day, deployment of critical data center services.

With the most reliable and cost-effective HCA architecture on the market, HyperGrid represents the pinnacle of "cloud-in-a-box" solutions for modern Windows environments.

But a rapid and robust deployment isn't enough. For critical Windows storage and Hyper-V services to meet the needs of an active and evolving enterprise, there is no substitute for an all-flash HCA, purpose-built just for Windows.

  • Increase performance tenfold over traditional storage
  • Reduce TCO up to 75% by consolidating infrastructure
  • Cut management burdens to a fraction of previous levels
  • Scale storage and compute resource smoothly and independently

Read this short brochure for an independent perspective on how these benefits help IT departments transform into value-added service providers.

HyperGrid for Private Cloud Services

A large part of HyperGrid's compelling price-to-performance ratio comes from avoiding the wasteful data duplication (and often triplication!) that old-school virtualized servers require. The result is the same amount of fault-tolerant enterprise storage, with only half as much hardware.

For many companies, the question is not whether to deploy a Windows-based private cloud, but how. With infrastructure management accounting for the vast majority of data center TCO, it simply pays to choose an ultra-low-footprint HCA. Building your data center around HyperGrid architecture brings you:

  • Consolidation of all desktop and storage virtualization management into a single HCA (or expanded HCA network)
  • Replacement of complex, confusing, niche infrastructure with commodity hardware and a single pane of glass
  • Minimized rack space and power/cooling costs

HyperGrid & the Future of the Windows Data Center

As part of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, HyperGrid is committed to long-run partnership with some of the world's most innovative enterprise hardware and software firms. For IT engineers, this means you'll get the highest levels of compatibility with powerful services like the Windows Azure Pack. For managers, this means that however you plan to enable and drive digital innovation, you can rest assured that HyperGrid will continue providing a cutting-edge platform on which to do it.

Our team at Paperless Productivity® is here to help create a private cloud solution that lets you reap immediate benefits and support company-wide IT innovation in the bigger picture. For a complimentary consultation or architecture review, please reach out today.

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