Become Paperless® by Department

Paperless Productivity® is proud to offer a robust selection of business information delivery solutions for nearly every application. By offering RightFax, Alchemy, and Workflow we can help you find the right solution for your company to Become Paperless℠.

Workflow Solutions

Paperless Productivity's® Business Process Automation and workflow solutions offer great advantages to not only the company as a whole but can also be customized on a departmental level. Integration on the departmental level can then easily be configured to work in sync with any of your other systems including: ERP, CRM, BPA, as well as many others. They easily integrate into each department's application set, providing drastic improvements in efficiency and productivity which requiring almost zero training. Below you will find how these solutions can help your department.

Accounts Payable

Minimize manual data entry, manual paper routing, lack of coordination and lack of transparency within traditional vendor invoice processing as part of the purchase-to-pay cycle.

Accounts Receivable

Drastically reduce costs, streamline business cycle and decrease turnaround time. These solutions can automate the sending of billing documents and track their status. This data can then be automatically archived and accessible via your current accounting systems and databases.

Diagnostic Imaging

Solutions for Diagnostic Imaging provide an easy way to send and receive patient records and images. By integrating your current architecture with a business information delivery or worflow system you can automatically send, receive, and track patient records and images.

Electronic Medical Records

Automate the delivery, receipt and tracking of records. By employing a Business Process Automation solutions you can drastically improve the efficiency and security of medical records. This allows you to support HIPAA standards while increasing workflow and improving customer service.


Digital mailroom automation software automates incoming document classification and routing. Gain nearly real-time availability and routing of critical documents, and maximize operational efficiency and transparency by ending of manual capture and paper handling.


Patient Registration and Admitting

Provide a secure and efficient way to process patient records and information. They provide proven and reliable enterprise fax and e-document delivery capabilities, combined with encrypted and certified delivery options and world-class support. These tailored solutions give healthcare organizations an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and affordable way to support HIPAA compliance initiatives, streamline business processes and reduce administrative costs.


Solutions for Purchasing provides an easy and efficient way to automate procurement processes. With a Business Process Automation solution you can easily define or use a predefined workflow process for PO routing and approval. This data can then be accessible via a document management solutions providing access to current and past activities. This can greatly reduce costs, increase security, provide information tracking and audit information, archive purchasing information, and streamline your business process.

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