About Private Fax Cloud® for Healthcare

Private Fax Cloud®

When RightFax works well, it makes secure communication almost effortless. That’s thanks in part to centralized fax management, nearly real-time statuses, and HIPAA-friendly features like audit trails and recipient verification.

But when it’s time to scale, onboard new teams, or consolidate different environments after a merger/acquisition, the administrative and technical issues may grow.

We’ve built the Private Fax Cloud® platform to help you remain focused on delivering excellent care, rather than getting mired in the minutiae of capacity planning or sys admin tasks.

Private Fax Cloud is a managed, pre-configured RightFax implementation built on secure cloud fax infrastructure.

It’s an out-of-the-box (yet customizable) implementation of two decades of healthcare-centric best practices.

  • Comprehensive fax security and HIPAA compliance
  • Little or no burden on your IT staff
  • Inherently scalable, reliable FoIP-first architecture
  • Native integrations with all major EMRs/EHRs, line-of-business software, and office devices
  • Centralized user and document management
  • Compatibility with all major cloud vendors and self-hosted VMs

Why Private Fax Cloud?

Private Fax Cloud is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep RightFax running smoothly and securely at any scale.

A typical, on-prem implementation brings significant IT and telecom overhead, and often requires several vendors for more specialized support.

Private Fax Cloud management and support are all under one roof, which keeps your support staff free and avoids the burden of juggling multiple third parties.

What About Public Cloud Faxing?

As analog faxing or even fax server management becomes strained, many healthcare orgs turn to public cloud fax services.

They do minimize support and scalability constraints. However, some issues tend to emerge over time:

  • Billing increments are often as large as 1 minute, so slight transmission delays may nearly double the cost of a fax
  • Many common integrations require custom code around the public fax service’s API
  • Handling faxes as email attachments may reduce options for user and metadata management
  • Custom reporting and analytics typically require more custom code, since direct database access is not possible

These limitations are more pronounced with larger user bases, higher fax volumes, or more line-of-business software integrations. Indeed, public cloud fax services may be an excellent match for simpler use cases.

But in enterprise-scale healthcare scenarios, we’ve consistently seen more robust and cost-effective results from managed RightFax environments.

Learn More About Private Fax Cloud

If you’re evaluating fax infrastructure changes, or are struggling to provide cost-effective and secure faxing at scale, then the Private Fax Cloud solution may be a single answer to your reliability, cost, and compliance concerns.

To learn more about the underlying architecture, or talk through deployment and management options, please contact us today.

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