Become Paperless® by Industry

Paperless Productivity® is proud to offer a robust selection of business information delivery solutions for nearly every application. By offering RightFax, Alchemy, and Workflow we can help you find the right solution for your company to Become Paperless℠.

Industry Specific Solutions

Business Process Automation and workflow solutions are key to success in any industry. We provide industry specific solutions that can integrate and improve existing processes and systems. These solutions can increase security, automate workflow, archive and manage documents, consolidate MFD / MFP devices, as well as many more. Click on an industry below to see how our solutions can help you. Below you will find how these solutions can help your industry.


Solutions for Healthcare provide proven and reliable enterprise fax and e-document delivery capabilities, combined with encrypted and certified delivery options and world-class support. These tailored solutions give healthcare organizations an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and affordable way to support HIPAA compliance initiatives, streamline business processes and reduce administrative costs.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation / logistics solutions provide ultra-accurate OCR data capture automation for all forms. OCR software supports distributed capture to centralized repositories, validation of key data such as tariff codes, and automatic export to destinations like the Automated Broker Interface.

Financial Services

Solutions integrate with key financial applications and other business systems to automate costly and time-consuming business processes. With enterprise fax, e-document delivery and workflow offerings, this provides financial services solutions that enable organizations to securely exchange, manage, process and track their business communications.


Solutions for government offices bring together people, processes and documents, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs and meeting compliance requirements, through Business Process Automation and workflow software solutions.


Business solutions for manufacturing provide a secure and efficient way to track and process orders, invoices, and billing. They allow for seamless integration into existing supply chain and billing systems as well as provide for automation and tracking of these processes.


With the plethora of documents that legal firms must process each day, simply controlling all the paper can be a daunting task. That's why results-oriented legal firms are putting business information delivery and workflow software in place to bring together people, processes and documents, resulting in improved efficiency, and reduced costs.

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