Paperless Productivity® is proud to offer a robust selection of business information delivery solutions for nearly every application.  By offering RightFax, Alchemy, and Workflow we can help you find the right solution for your company to Become Paperless℠. Below you will find a list of the solutions we offer separated by your specific goal. You will also find solutions for IndustryIntegrationCompliance, and Department.

OCR Data Capture

Organizations continue to expend time and resources into paper-based workflow tasks such as manual data entry. OCR Data Capture technology is an intelligent, scalable and automated capture solution that automates data entry processes and document processing. Paperless Productivity's best-of-breed OCR Data Capture solutions from Paperless Productivity take text-based data from documents of varied form, structure and complexity (paper based documents, TIFF, PDF etc) and convert them into business ready data.

OCR Conversion

OCR Document Conversion solutions from Paperless Productivity offer best-in-class OCR, optical character recognition, technology to drastically improve document management and archiving practices. OCR Conversion technology transforms paper-based documents into fully searchable PDFs. With tested integrations with Microsoft SharePoint and unlimited output scenarios, OCR for Document Conversion eliminate the costs associated with lost documents and real estate lost from paper storage and improves ease of access to documents throughout the enterprise.

Document Indexing with SharePoint 

Many organizations use SharePoint as a central repository and collaboration site. In fact, SharePoint is quickly growing to be the main place for enterprise search, document sharing and content management. But, in order to share document images that have been received like invoices, loan applications and orders with others, users still manually upload or import files into SharePoint. More over, SharePoint users want to integrate their business processes allowing automated import and distribution of critical information.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity 

While many businesses place the emphasis on protecting data in their Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plans, maintaining and managing document-based communication should also be a key consideration. The costs and risks associated with communications disruptions can be just as harmful to your business as losing data.


RightFax supports real-time fax-over-IP, providing companies with the ability to integrate digital faxing and document management solutions with their VoIP network, achieving the same high levels of performance, reliability and scalability that enterprises have come to expect with traditional fax while capturing the benefits of fax-over-IP.

Forms Distribution Digital Output Director 

During the Output/Distribution phase of the document lifecycle, users produce or deliver a document for human use. This may involve printing a document, emailing it as an attachment, or faxing it. A document may begin as paper, become an electronic image, and then become paper again when printed or faxed.

Business Process Automaton

Automated document delivery eliminates delays in communications by reducing or eliminating manual delivery. A typical business process involves multiple exchanges of documents. The time taken to produce, send, receive, and process multiple documents can be significantly reduced, resulting in shorter payment cycles and improved cash flow.

Network Fax Solutions

Integrate and automate the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data, enabling enterprises to achieve significant cost reductions. By using a network fax solution, companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax, email, print devices or over the Internet.

eForms, eSignatures, & eForms 

Electronic forms, documents, and signatures offer superior functionality when compared to traditional, paper-based methods of document generation. Not only do eForms, eDocs, and eSignatures produce a more personalized and professional output, but they are also faster, easier, and cheaper to produce and manage.


Email Fax seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Servers; allowing end-users to conveniently send, receive, and manage faxes through their standard Outlook or Exchange email boxes. Email Fax joins the power of fax with the familiarity of email, helping enterprises achieve their unified messaging goals – and improve communication efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Writable PDFs 

Writable PDF form solutions can play a pivotal role in a digital workflow by minimizing time spent creating/converting forms, maximizing the speed of data collection and analysis, and improving collaboration on form design.

Print Suppression Strategies 

Vital business information such as purchase orders, invoices and statements can be electronically exchanged via fax, email, certified email, encrypted PDF or SMS.  This allows for enhanced security, increased efficiency, and greater ability to track and archive documents.

Scan to Fax 

RightFax works with Multifunction Products (MFPs) to consolidate all faxing services on the network, giving users convenient walk-up access to faxing on the same MFP they use daily for printing, scanning and copying. This allows for a centralized document delivery hub, improving the efficiency and security of document-based transactions while reducing costs.

Document Management & Archiving 

Gives organizations the power to manage and use all of their fixed content—including images, faxes, email, PDFs, and COLD—throughout the information lifecycle management (ILM) stages, with an integrated and scalable set of tools that are easy to deploy and even easier to use.

Scan to PDF 

High speed production scanners, along with customized accurate indexing, will quickly convert your paper documents to a digital format enabling immediate access.

SAP Order Processing 

Automating the exchange of critical SAP application business documents between customers, business partners, and suppliers regardless of source, format, and destination.  Allowing for a completely automated process reducing costs and increasing efficiency.