RightFax Training

RightFax Training from Paperless Productivity® educates end users and administrators on what the feature-rich RightFax application can accomplish for our clients and their daily paper-based fax document workflow is the goal of the RightFax Technical Administrator Training Course. At the end of the training course, students will have learned to plan for, properly install and configure, and efficiently administer your RightFax solution.

RightFax Training for Administrators

Paperless Productivity will provide training services for RightFax administrators. RightFax trainers will be trained by the faxing experts at Paperless Productivity. Our experts have leveraged over a decade of experience with RightFax to develop a training program that will provide administrators with the following:
  • Technical knowledge of RightFax software solutions
  • Best practices for digital fax integration with enterprise applications
  • Best practices for disaster recovery planning
Knowledgeable technical resources are vital for successful RightFax deployments and maximization of ROI. Administrator training provides hands-on instruction on how to install, configure, maintain and administer RightFax deployments to ensure optimal use of your RightFax investment.

RightFax User Training

RightFax User Training for Paperless Productivity grants the user-community training for proper RightFax use. Paperless Productivity provides hands-on user training that is customized for each user-community to provide an intimate knowledge of the document distribution solution and how it fits into existing processes. With end-user training on fax operations, organizations can expect optimal use of RightFax for full realization of productivity gains and added efficiencies. End user training experience consists of:
  • Explanation of newly instituted faxing workflows
  • Familiarity with inbound and outbound faxing from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Web Access client or RightFax Desktop Fax Printer.
  • Question and answer session to address any user concerns
End-user training comes standard with each deployment and is offered in blocks four hour sessions. After participating in RightFax end-user training from Paperless Productivity, your organization's employees will have developed a keen understanding of RightFax which is vital for successful deployments of RightFax.Contact Paperless Productivity today and schedule training sessions for your employees to maximize return on investment and ensure full receipt of RightFax benefits.

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