Private Fax Cloud®: Digital Transformation for Today’s Healthcare Enterprise

Healthcare still depends on faxing. That often means scattered, legacy fax machines and multifunction devices with analog connections.

And paper. A lot of paper.

Between navigating chaotic documents, dealing with transmission errors, and handling consumables, old-fashioned faxing is a healthcare bottleneck.

  • Staff spend precious time shuffling files and chasing confirmations.
  • Paper and consumables pile up as phone charges grow.
  • Without audit trails or enforceable security, HIPAA risks mount.

But what if your fax workflow didn’t have to be stuck in 1993, even if you’re buried in fax machines, with no IT capacity to spare?

Make Faxing Work for You

Fax is here to stay, but paper is not. RightFax on Paperless Productivity®’s Private Fax Cloud® gives you the same digital fax platform trusted by the largest providers.

  • Fully digital faxing over a private, encrypted IP network
  • Native EMR/EHR and line-of-business software integrations
  • A modern, device-agnostic UI
  • Limitless automation possibilities
  • Built-in HIPAA readiness

And there’s no need to shoulder your IT staff with planning, implementation, or support. From set-up and monitoring to support and vendor management, we offer a fully managed service with exactly one call to make.

How Much Can You Save?

Compared to a paper-heavy, analog fax environment, most clients save 80%-90% after migrating to Private Fax Cloud®.

Typical Monthly SavingsAverage Deployment TimeNative Software Integrations
80%-90% vs. fax machines2-6 weeks100+

Conservatively, these savings lead to break-even within one year. In high-volume scenarios, clients often realize a positive return on investment (ROI) within a few months of go-live.

As part of the planning process, we’ll work together to fine-tune an ROI estimate that reflects your on-the-ground reality, including major regional variables like telecom rate growth.

Old-School Faxing & Regulatory Compliance

Faxing should support your compliance strategy, not hinder it. Yet your organization may be battling with your existing fax environment just to uphold basic privacy practices.

That’s a costly struggle with even costlier risks. For instance, paper faxing means:

  • No meaningful audit trails or user access records
  • Difficult tracking and confirmation—if any at all
  • Cumbersome yet porous privacy measures, like locked rooms and file cabinets

Private Fax Cloud® natively supports and solves all the above.

Of course, there’s no substitute for sound procedures and training. But a HIPAA-friendly faxing platform, with built-in safeguards, gives you a critical ally for data privacy.

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If you’d rather spend less time and energy struggling with fax, and devote more to patient care, then let’s make that a reality.

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No pressure, and no jamming a square peg into a round hole. Just a frank analysis of whether, or how, the RightFax on Private Fax Cloud® can deliver the savings and reliability your organization deserves.

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