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Scan to PDF Services from Paperless Productivity® offer solutions to organizations looking to make the transition to the paperless office. Paperless Productivity offers consultative services as well as solutions geared to convert an organization's paper-based workflow to digital format. Paperless Productivity leverages high speed production scanners and best-of-breed OCR (optical character recognition) technology to transform and improve document management practices.

High Speed Scanning for Scan to PDF Services

Scanning to PDF and transitioning to digital document archive practices requires converting an organization's existing paper-based archives to a digital format. Paperless Productivity makes use of the most reliable, name brand high speed scanners to take an existing document in paper form and convert to PDF format.

OCR for Scan to PDF Services

OCR technology effectively completes the transition from paper to digital practices through an advanced OCR conversion server. This is a highly scalable and customizable OCR technology solution that takes a flat, text based image file, such as a PDF created through high speed scanning, and transforms it into fully searchable content. The creation of fully searchable electronic text makes it suitable for archiving, discovery and enterprise search.

The conversion of paper-based documents to fully searchable PDF files provides organizations with a new method of enterprise document archiving practices that can offer a range of benefits including:

Avoiding Manual Conversion of Data

High speed production scanners, coupled with OCR technology, quickly convert paper documents into a digital format. The OCR server can convert almost any paper document into searchable text. Hand written data can be automatically populated into a back office system, avoiding laborious manual keying and can be more accurate than traditional human data entry.

Expansion of Communication Channels

Digital information, as opposed to traditional paper-based information, is much easier to share, expanding communication channels. Save time, money, and risk by eliminating paper transmittal expenses, speeding business transactions, and ensuring information privacy and security. Travel at the speed of digital technology, instead of being anchored down by outdated paper delivery methods. Improve collaborative communication between colleagues for faster time to market.

Customized and Accurate Indexing

Take control of current document management systems by converting to an electronic document management system. Avoid timely document searches in remote file cabinets, located in various locations throughout the organization. Prevent the inefficiencies of underutilizing both knowledge and production workers by having them manually sift through unorganized paper. Electronic archives allow for the effective indexing and immediate access to shared information. Time-saving navigation and search of all documents is made possible by creating electronic archives – search for a specific document, or search for specific text within documents.

Making a Direct Impact to Your Bottom Line

Reduce expenses by reducing paper purchases, decreasing storage space for filing cabinets, avoiding postage costs, reducing long-distance phone charges for faxes, and avoiding inefficient manual searches and deliveries of documents. In addition, never lose another document again – lost documents can cost enterprises hundreds of dollars per page.

Maintaining a Competitive Advantage in the Information Age

Being able to effectively store, share, access, search, index, and manage information is a necessity in maintaining a competitive advantage in today's information age. Make important legacy information usable and accessible to those who will use it most productively, managing all corporate information as a single asset. Include hyperlinks and searchable text to your PDF files for easy cross-referencing and archiving. Electronic forms, document market, barcodes, and digital signatures are also no-brainers, enabling seamless work group collaboration to fully leverage an organization's information assets.

Support of Regulatory Compliance Efforts

In compliance with regulatory mandates, protect private information by transitioning to digital workflows. Production workers can establish more secure automated workflows for documents that have been digitized by scanners, adding user permissions and policies, encryption, digital signatures, barcodes, and time stamps certified by authorized personnel. Add passwords and certificate authentication to ensure security while creating an audit trail. Avoid sharing sensitive information such as medical records, bank records, and social security numbers by replacing fields with barcodes.

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