RightFax for HIPAA

RightFax provides healthcare organizations with a HIPAA compliant, document delivery solution. HIPAA compliance, privacy issues, desire for quality care and the need to control costs—all weigh on the healthcare industry. As a result, organizations are under pressure to improve internal workflow processes, distribute information more quickly and enhance communications efficiency—all while reducing costs and safeguarding personal health information security.RightFax, the market-leading digital fax solution, supports compliance with HIPAA privacy and security rules by digitizing paper-based protected health information for private, secure and auditable electronic distribution. It features leading-edge capabilities that support HIPAA privacy and security requirements and allow organizations to:
  • Integrate document delivery system to EMR / EHR System
  • Consolidate electronic communications onto a centralized server
  • Archive and manage documents securely
  • Provide authentication and verification of the individual sending and receiving the fax transmission
  • Establish user permissions to limit the number of those viewing protected patient information
  • Utilize a more secure delivery method than email
  • Automate the capture and distribution of patient billing, radiology, lab results and other covered personal health information
  • Provide a transmission log and fax image archive for audit trail
RightFax offers best-of-breed capabilities and serves as a cost-effective solution to assist in healthcare compliance efforts in the face of impending government mandates. Paperless Productivity® specializes in healthcare related fax and has experience integrating with all of the major EMR / EHR systems including NextGen, Epic, AllScripts, GE and Cerner. RightFax provides tried and tested integration with various EMR / EHR vendors to optimize EMR / EHR adoption and communication.

RightFax Features for HIPAA Compliance

RightFax is a feature-rich solution that provides healthcare organizations with the tools necessary to comply with HIPAA regulations and other government mandates. RightFax offers features that effectively increase security of distributed documents while maintaining the integrity of data and PHI on the receiving side. These features include:
  • Login I.D. and password protected user accounts
  • Billing codes, billing code synchronization, and “forced use"
  • Electronic signatures and signature protection methods
  • Auto-preview of outbound faxes
  • First page only review of inbound faxes
  • Notifications of transmission status (success or failure)
  • Inbound routing of faxes to workstations & Email addresses
  • Provide a transmission log and fax image archive for audit trail
  • Database tracking of all fax activity and details thereof
  • Direct integration with “host” and “network” applications generating covered documentation
  • Encryption and certified email
  • Document management and Archiving
  • Workflow automation
RightFax leverages a large feature package to ensure that patient health information (PHI) is secure and viewed only by those authorized. RightFax offers features and functionality not found within email transmission or other fax delivery options, providing healthcare organizations with a strategic advantage while moving toward Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

RightFax for HIPAA Benefits

RightFax healthcare organization a strong and effective tool for maintaining HIPAA compliance. While RightFax provides multitude of capabilities and functionalities to ensure compliance standards are met, RightFax provides healthcare organizations with added benefits that help to improve document delivery and business operations, such as:
  • Streamlined document delivery from point of origination to final destination
  • Utilized authentication ad certification technology to secure data
  • Centralized resource across multiple systems to improve operational efficiency
  • Enablement of quick and accurate transactions
  • Mail client integration for improved end-user experience (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Google Mail)
  • Improved employee efficiency and productivity
  • Eliminates costs associated with traditional fax such as toner and paper
  • Reduction of administrative time and costs
  • Reduction of lost or misrouted records

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