When does digital mailroom automation matter? Whenever quick, accurate document routing could make business run better. It conserves labor and budget, it maximizes visibility, and it gets the right documents to the right people--faster than ever. Whether your mailroom is a physical place or an abstraction of all sorts of routing processes, the simple fact is that everything passes through it. That's why mailroom automation software delivers cost-effective results that few other workflow tools can rival.

The Value Of Mailroom Automation Software

No matter your industry, it's essential to find, process, and act quickly on critical information. However, standard mailroom processes are bogged down by complex human steps that hinder timely action while driving up costs. Digital mailroom software is really about more than digitizing mail. It's about taking award-winning OCR software technology, merging it with powerful routing features, and thereby making customers more responsive to key events.
  • Automate classification to improve identification and routing of critical info
  • Automate routing to ensure nothing is stuck on a desk or overlooked in an envelope
  • Automate capture to provide instant access to time-sensitive documents
Together, these features help clients to expedite transactions, improve customer engagement, and streamline document management.

Automated Mailroom Classification

Document classification is, and will always be, where business processes begin. It's a high-stakes step in which errors can be hard to rectify, but automatic classification changes the game completely. OCR software for mailrooms combines visual and content-based analysis to classify documents more accurately than any other digital mailroom solution on the market. It can then extract and export data, and even initiate transactions, all as the document type dictates.
  • Accurately identify any and all types of documents
  • Automatically route documents to the right recipient
  • Eliminate manual data entry both in and beyond the mailroom
For technical stakeholders, a single platform can do what used to require a messy mix of manual input and patchworked software. For business stakeholders, information is available and searchable in nearly real-time, for a fraction of the cost of traditional mailroom operations.

Use Case: Capture & Process Invoices

With visibility and ROI in mind, it often makes sense to start with a mailroom automation pilot that focuses on invoice capture and processing. Besides sheer volume and impact, invoices are inherently time-sensitive and usually need more elaborate routing/approval than other common document types. Initially, the OCR application receives a digital file from a scanner, email inbox, or other electronic source. One email may contain requests unrelated to the attached invoice (e.g., change of address or subscription cancellation), which the tool can even classify and route separately from the invoice! It's a common practice to receive invoices at dedicated locations, but the software can still separate them from mixed documents through comparison to predefined templates and through statistical analysis of the text itself.
Digital Mailroom Automation With OCR Software
Finally, all workflow executions and results are stored in a SQL database, giving endless reporting possibilities with its own built-in tools or any other standard reporting solution.

Full Mailroom Automation with OCR

Digital mailroom automation is cost-effective as either a standalone project or the beginning of a larger paperless initiative. It can be implemented alongside a digital fax solution, for instance, or as a first stage in a start-to-finish workflow automation. To see OCR software for mailrooms in a real-world setting, or to learn more about our mailroom automation software solutions, please contact us today.