RightFax integration with Canon multifunction products (MFP's) consolidates all faxing services on the network, giving users convenient access to faxing on the same MFP used for printing, scanning and copying. Together they provide a powerful combination for streamlining the development, duplication and delivery of business information. RightFax integration with Canon allows one to send faxes directly from a multifunction device, include a custom coversheet and receive delivery notifications while reducing costs associated with paper faxing and telephony.

RightFax-Canon MFP Integration

RightFax integrates with Canon MFP devices via the RightFax SMTP Connector. The RightFax SMTP Connector allows for integration with all existing Canon MFP devices, fax enabling them via scan-to-email functionality. With this functionality, users can scan paper documents using the MFP devices where their document is emailed to a user's email account for fax transmission via the mail client. Scan to fax with RightFax and Canon multifunction printers

RightFax-Canon Integration Benefits

RightFax and Canon integration leverages an organization's existing investments in the form of Canon MFPs to provide organizations with a simplified faxing environment, all while driving down operational costs. RightFax-Canon Integrations provides organizations with multiple benefits, including:
  • Reduced Costs - Replace stand-alone fax machines and eliminate the related cost of support contracts, phone lines and supplied. Additionally, consolidated network faxing reduces the modem and phone-line costs associated with stand-alone workstation faxing.
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency - Allow users to fax from the same device used to print, scan, and copy, saving time and improving workflow processes.
  • Centralized Control of Faxing - Provide one point of control for network faxing of hard-copy and electronic documents by moving all fax resources to the network.
  • Simplified Fax Software Administration - Install and manage RightFax with easy-to-use administrative tools designed to automate routine tasks, troubleshoot problems and monitor and report fax activity.
  • Improved Security - Ensure privacy and compliance by providing secure document delivery channels.
  • Scalability - Start with a single-channel digital fax solution and expand to as many as 1,024 channels. Additional capacity can be added to handle email, CRM, ERP and other business applications.
Integrating your existing Canon MFPs with RightFax provides simplified IT management, improved efficiency and productivity and improved compliance and security, all while driving down costs typically associated with stand-alone faxing.

Canon MFP Models for RightFax

RightFax integrates with virtually any Canon MFP/MFD via the SMTP connector. This means you can quickly and reliably extend RightFax service to devices including:  
  • imagePROGRAF iPF750 / iPF760 / iPF765 / iPF780 / iPF785 / iPF815 / iPF825
  • imageRUNNER 1025 / 1025iF / 1025N / 1435i+ / 1435iF+ / 1730 / 1730iF / 2525 / 2530 / 2535 / 2535i / 2545 / 2545i / 8585i III / C3525i III
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF / 4225 / 4235 / 4245 / 4251 / 4525i III / 4535i III / 4545i III / 4551i III / 500iF / 525iF III / 525iFZ III / 615iF III / 615iFZ III / 6255 / 6265 / 6275 / 6555i III / 6565i III / 6575i III / 715iF III / 715iFZ III / 8205 / 8285 / 8295 / 8505i III / 8595i III / C2225 / C2230 / C250iF / C256iF III / C350iF / C5235 / C3525i III / C3530i III / C356iF III / C475iF III / C475iFZ III / C5235A / C5240 / C5240A / C5250 / C5255 / C5535i III / C5540i III / C5550i III / C5560i III / C7260 / C7270 / C7565i III / C7570i III / C7580i III / C9065S PRO / C9075S PRO / C9270 PRO / C9280 PRO
  • imageRUNNER C1030iF
  Whichever models are in your Canon MFP fleet, RightFax can deliver consolidated, efficient, secure and cost-effective faxing from existing devices. To confirm integration options and workflow feasibility for your own organization, please contact us today.