Fax Data Capture with RightFax & Kofax

Most any office can gain a formidable advantage through Kofax Capture and RightFax integration. Kofax Capture software turns document images into readily usable electronic data, no matter whether the images come from faxed or scanned papers, emailed files, MFDs / MFPs, or even online image repositories. The capture process is further enhanced by rapid, automated learning and highly accurate, multilingual recognition. However, many organizations find that the underlying problem is not just capturing data, but physically receiving it. Even though a high-tech data capture solution is a major step forward, the means of fax receipt is commonly a limiting factor. Employees are often inundated by paper documents, which must be manually collected and filed, perhaps scanned by hand, and often stored for extended periods of time. Simply put, turning to RightFax permanently solves the incoming paper problem.

The Role of RightFax in Electronic Data Capture

Once a digital fax solution has enabled you to receive all faxes in electronic format, the capture process can be fully automated. Kofax Capture leverages a robust RightFax connector to ingest fax images automatically, which means your office will get all the information, but none of the paper!
  • Never waste time and resources handling another sheet of paper
  • Route faxes directly to Kofax Capture, other applications, and/or users’ own desktops
  • When privacy is essential, take advantage of industry-standard file encryption options
  • Enhance audit preparedness with a granular ‘audit trail’ that records each document’s transmission and view history
RightFax’s inbound faxing benefits apply to the outbound side of the process, too. Users can now fax directly out of any print-capable application. In many cases, outbound faxing can be fully automated, and even scheduled to exploit off-peak rates.

Fax & Data Capture Integration Services

Paperless Productivity has developed unique and deep expertise in the fax-data capture integration niche. Clients of every imaginable size and a wide range of industries turn to our engineers and workflow consultants for robust and usable solutions that achieve a rapid ROI—often within just months. To learn more about leveraging best-of-breed digital fax and data capture solutions in your office, and about the RightFax support that keeps deployments viable and efficient, please contact us today.

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