RightFax-Lotus Notes Integration

RightFax integration with Lotus Notes provides email to fax capabilities for Lotus Notes users. The RightFax Lotus Notes Module provides Lotus Notes users the ability to easily send and receive faxes via the Lotus Notes mail client, giving users one centralized place to send, receive and manage faxes. Not only does it provide a centralized location for email and fax, but it also provides for a more efficient business cycle, as well as advanced tracking and auditing of messaging. The RightFax Connector for Lotus Notes is a native integration with RightFax that enables users to fax documents as they would send an email. Integration with Lotus Notes and RightFax requires very little end-user training and drastically improves employee efficiency and productivity, and in turn, reduces operational costs.

RightFax-Lotus Notes Integration Features

RightFax integration with Lotus Notes via the RightFax Connector for Lotus Notes provides users with a feature rich, centralized utility to manage faxing that leverages an organization's existing mail client. Lotus Notes integration with RightFax improves an organization's fax process through the inclusion of a host of features, including:
  • Ability to create, send, receive and manage faxes within Lotus Notes
  • Automatic synchronization of RightFax and Lotus Notes databases
  • Custom notifications of sent and received faxes
  • Access to Lotus Notes or Domino directory for faxing
RightFax integration Lotus Notes simply extends the email functionalities that Lotus Notes users are familiar with to faxing, providing a user-friendly, feature rich solution for faxing. Email to fax with RightFax and Lotus Notes

RightFax-Lotus Notes Integration Benefits

RightFax integration with Lotus Notes provides a fully customizable solution for organizations looking to integrate with their Lotus Notes mail client. RightFax integrates with Lotus Notes in multiple to accommodate an organization's fax activity and IT policies. The extension of Lotus Notes features to faxing provides a many benefits to organizations, such as:
  • Reliable document delivery - RightFax with an email module offers a distinct design advantage over less robust solutions. Built exclusively to serve as a document delivery engine, RightFax does not rely on the operation of a mail system to enable the sending and receiving of faxes. Even if the mail system is down, faxes can still be received and transmitted with RightFax.
  • Easy Installation and Administration - RightFax Lotus Notes Module lets Notes administrators manage fax functionality from their Notes domain with complete integration. The RightFax database is installed on both the RightFax and Domino servers allowing for configuration and administration of RightFax to be performed on either server with data automatically updated on the other server
  • Extendable Across the Enterprise - RightFax seamlessly integrates with other enterprise applications without relying on the mail server. This makes it easy to extend faxing capabilities across the the enterprise to streamline document delivery and receipt. Mail-dependent fax solutions, however, cannot connect to other business applications like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Reduced Training Time and Costs - Rightfax Lotus Notes Module gives users one centralized place to send, receive and manage fax and emails--through Notes mail--with seamless integration
  • Enhanced Productivity, Speed and Efficiency - Users can create fax messages directly in Notes just like they would create an email. No modification are required of the Notes mail template. This makes faxing convenient and easy. In addition it eliminates the time it takes to use stand-alone fax machines and enables users to quickly and efficiently communicate with customers, suppliers and co-workers in the method best for them
  • Advanced Document Tracking and Notifications - A wide variety of notifications on both inbound and outbound faxes are available for set up and can be routed as appropriate to enable users to track the status of faxes and ensure that important information reaches the intended recipient. RightFax allows users to modify and set individual preferences, including fax status and notification options.
RightFax-Lotus Notes integration takes the security inherent in fax and combines it with the ease and familiarity of email to create a simplified user experience that increases productivity, faxing efficiency and provides a centralized location for management of faxing activity.

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