RightFax-Siebel Integration

RightFax integrates with Siebel eBusiness Applications for rapid business automation and information delivery. In today's volatile business environment, the ability to understand your customers and effectively manage your sales, marketing and service activities is essential. Siebel applications enable companies to efficiently track, manage and monitor customer interactions. These customer interactions generate important business communications--sales proposals, upgrades technical bulletins and service announcement, to name a few. Efficient, cost-effective and timely delivery of this information is essential to mutually beneficial customer relationships. RightFax integration with Siebel

RightFax Features for Siebel

RightFax provides Siebel with a number of features that improves existing processes and enhances compliance demands. RightFax not only integrates with Siebel but also leverages an organization's existing infrastructure from email clients to multifunction printer environments. RightFax extends multiple features, including:
  • Ability to fax directly from Siebel
  • Auditability of all incoming and outgoing fax transmission
  • Certified, encrypted document delivery options
RightFax with Siebel provides a fully trackable, auditable document delivery experience that grants organizations full control of their information exchange. RightFax extends delivery option that protect important customer information, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing customer relations.

RightFax Siebel Integration Benefits

Integrating Siebel with RightFax can automate information and enhance the business-process efficiency of Siebel eBusiness Applications. RightFax reduces costs and improves an organization's, customer response times. This gives a signification impact on customer relationships and overall business performance. RightFax also provides Siebel users with other benefits, such as:
  • Quick ROI and reduced document distribution costs
  • Improved workflow, transactional and communications efficiency
  • Improved customer interactions
  • Accelerated business cycles
Integrate RightFax with Siebel and optimize your organization's existing infrastructure. RightFax for Siebel is a secure, stable and highly efficient document delivery system that gives quick ROI and improves existing processes for reduced costs and improved productivity.

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