OCR Data Capture Case Study

Paperless Productivity, Inc.® and ADURO

Seattle, WA — Workflow automation consultancy Paperless Productivity, Inc.® and corporate wellness service ADURO are pleased to announce the publication of a new case study on faxed-form data capture using OCR software.

ADURO bases its evaluation and coaching on biometrics collected by physicians and subsequently faxed in. The volume of incoming forms was growing at a remarkable rate—commensurate with the company’s rapid expansion— leaving workers inundated with a backlog of forms even as they worked overtime. Business was excellent, but manual processing was becoming a serious constraint.

When Dr. Mark Thompson, ADURO’s Salesforce Administrator, saw how “unmanageable” this burden had grown to be, he began searching for a better way. This process led him to Shamel Naguib, President of Paperless Productivity. Collaboration between Paperless Productivity and ADURO resulted in a dramatically expedited capture process, summarized as follows:

  1. Incoming forms are sent through a secure, online fax service
  2. Each document is automatically routed to the appropriate destination
  3. OCR software extracts data from the form
  4. An employee verifies the captured information
  5. Data are sent to the ADURO database and CRM application for later analysis

As a result, employees now process three to four times as many forms per day. Time per form has dropped from 6 minutes (in the best of circumstances) to just over 1.5 minutes—and is still decreasing.

Dr. Thompson and Mr. Naguib have both expressed complete satisfaction with the outcome of the project, which was made possible by the market-leading accuracy and customizability of the OCR application.

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