The Competitive Advantage of OCR for RightFax

If you already use RightFax, then your organization is off to a great start. By preventing paper faxes from ever entering the premises, you have eliminated one of today's costliest document problems. Moreover, it's the digital cornerstone of a modern, paperless workflow. Electronic faxing is a huge step forward, to be sure, but only part of the journey to full workflow automation. For instance, when an account application is faxed to a bank, or a insurer receives a claims form, it's still critical to get data out of the electronic fax and into the proper system. But the continual pressure to accomplish more, in less time, and at a lower cost leads to one question: what next?

How OCR Solutions Drive High ROI, Every Time

Even when faxes arrive electronically, manual data entry takes a toll on budgets, on customer service, and even on legal compliance. Backlogs grow by the day, and the very most attentive employees still make the occasional error. Soon enough, it gets too slow and costly to keep capturing business-critical data by hand. However, many organizations have found that today's data capture burdens can become tomorrow's competitive advantage. Through a tried-and-true consulting process, Paperless Productivity® makes this a reality for clients in all industries.

1. You show us a burdensome data capture process.

Whether it’s a one-page form or an entire document archive, we’ll help you find opportunities for efficiency, savings, and innovation.

2. We build a solution on an industry-leading OCR platform.

After decades in the workflow automation game, our OCR partner has revolutionized the accuracy and accessibility of OCR technology. Their platform lets users extract information from any document and output it seamlessly to any destination.

3. We fine-tune the workflow for maximum performance and security.

Working with our solution architects, you will gain a precisely tailored, secure workflow. Every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed–digitally, of course.

4. Your ROI starts accruing from day one.

The moment the solution is up and running, you can kiss manual input goodbye. That’s the beauty of enterprise OCR technology: large, instant reductions in labor costs, error rates, and compliance costs from day one. ocr-fax-data-entry-automation

The Next Step for Fax Workflow Automation

The synergy of OCR software and digital faxing is a revelation for practically all of our clients. Even those with RightFax may not have imagined that the data entry could disappear along with the paper. When you're ready for unprecedented efficiency, and greater RightFax value than ever, please contact us to schedule a consultation. If you've got specific forms or files in mind, then feel free to request a demo using your own, real-life documents!

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