Fax Automation & Workflow Consulting

Fax isn't going anywhere just yet.

It's still a staple of healthcare, finance, and government administration—to name just a few—where its familiarity and legal validity carry a lot of weight.

That might sound archaic, but in actuality, modern fax technologies and workflow consulting make it painless, seamless, and cost-effective.

At Paperless Productivity®, we integrate faxing into thoroughly modern processes that feel nothing like the tedious, error-prone, paper-heavy faxing of yesteryear. Our consulting practice is here to equip your organization with:

  • Reliable faxing at any scale, without the ever-increasing rates of analog lines
  • Automation expertise to meet you where you're at, and ultimately free your team to focus on higher-impact work
  • Integrated fax technology that augments your line-of-business software

These come from a consultative process of workflow analysis, technical solution architecture, ROI estimation, and as much (or as little) hands-on implementation as your team prefers.

What Is Fax Automation?

Fax automation uses software to replace the manual steps and decisions in a fax workflow. This saves time and cost, and eliminates or prevents fax-related bottlenecks as an organization grows. Automation may comprise not only sending faxes, but also generating, receiving, processing, and archiving the underlying information.

For instance, imagine you need to send a purchase order to a supplier.

A manual, analog fax workflow might involve printing the PO from your ERP, walking it over to the fax machine, typing in the recipient's number, and waiting (often several minutes) for confirmation. Then, you might need to notify colleagues that the PO was sent, so they can proceed with their own tasks.

In an automated faxing scenario, your ERP may be configured to send a fax upon PO approval—no printing needed! That system already contains the recipient's fax number, in most cases, so there's no need for error-prone manual entry. The fax is processed in the background, after which the fax software swiftly sends a success notification. It also notifies whoever is responsible for the next step in the workflow, and in some cases, it may even kick off their tasks automatically.

If the latter scenario sounds valuable, then consider two things.

It's possible at any scale. We've helped Fortune 500 firms, local clinics, and everyone in between implement a modern fax environment.

It requires a rare combination of expertise. Fax is where telecom, IT infrastructure, and software development converge. It's generally more efficient to work with outside specialists than to rely solely on overloaded internal resources.

Fax Consulting for Workflow Automation

All the technology and automation in the world is only valuable insofar as it's adopted. That's why the overarching goal of fax consulting is a workflow that feels intuitive to you team.

Rather than a painful "rip-and-replace" approach that just trades analog hassles for digital ones, we'll work together to incrementally remove obstacles and inefficiencies.

Even though no two paths toward fax automation are the same, they all lead to a set of key outcomes:

  • Automated and/or one-click faxing out of line-of-business applications
  • Reduction or elimination of paper and consumables
  • Remote-friendly fax access with comprehensive security and auditing
  • Potential for automated inbound routing and even data extraction

When you're ready to explore fax and workflow automation possibilities, please click here to schedule a complimentary consultation with our team.

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