Bring Your Own Device or BYOD solutions by Paperless Productivity® provide organizations an answer for on-the-go professionals. No matter the industry, whether it be healthcare, financial services or government, organizations are under increasing pressure and demand for secure transmission of up to date data. Mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets have connected these in-the-field employees to their colleagues. Paperless Productivity’s BYOD solution leverages the power of the mobile device and extends a secure and reliable platform necessary to provide relevant data while in the field. Paperless Productivity’s BYOD platform is a flexible solution that can be deployed as a server based, transaction based or hosted application. The device agnostic platform provides mobile users the ability to automate capture and processing of forms based data via their mobile device with customizable export options to suit your organization’s existing workflows and processes.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Key Features

Our BYOD solution allows users to fill, complete and submit fillable forms in PDF or HTML format from their mobile device. The solution leverages an encrypted connection to provide secure transmission of data to any number of exports. Once a form is submitted, the server based aspect of the solution can:

  • Index fields and generate a copy for archival purposes
  • Extract and export data for further processing
  • Extract and use data to kick-start further workflows
  • Use data to generate document packages
Paperless' BYOD solution for automated form processing

Our BYOD solution can be custom tailored to any organization’s processes, workflows and existing infrastructure, making it a perfect fit for any organization, no matter the industry. Paperless Productivity’s BYOD platform provides a multitude of features that help to streamline efficiencies, including:

  • Email confirmations for each submission
  • Submission to document management solutions
  • Writable data to various databases (SQL, XML, EDI, CSV, etc.)
  • Document creation (invoices, letters, etc) using Adobe Central, Adobe LiveCycle OutPut, OpenText StreamServe, DocOrigin and other technologies
  • Delivery of data via fax, print, email or web

BYOD Key Benefits

The extension of the Paperless' BYOD platform to mobile employee devices grants organizations of various types a handful of benefits. Leveraging Paperless' BYOD solution improves efficiencies and drives revenue by:

  • Eliminating duplication of data entry
  • Reducing turnaround time
  • Increasing revenue generating cycles

Contact Paperless Productivity today to hear about how our Bring Your Own Device solution can streamline processes, reduce costs and give your organization the competitive advantage it needs to succeed.