Document Indexing with Microsoft SharePoint

Document indexing solutions by Paperless Productivity® leverage OCR technology to maximize an organization's existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint. Many organizations use SharePoint as a central repository and collaboration site. In fact, SharePoint is quickly growing to be the main place for enterprise search, document sharing and content management. But, in order to share document images and faxes that have been received such as, invoices, loan applications, and order with others, users still manually upload or import files into SharePoint. Moreover, SharePoint users want to integrate their business processes allowing automated import and distribution of critical information as part of a single paperless solution.

Document Indexing Solution Workflow

Document indexing solutions from Paperless Productivity® incorporate digital fax, OCR and Microsoft SharePoint technologies to provide a complete workflow to archive and make all faxes and incoming documents searchable within SharePoint. Digital fax solutions provide users electronic scanning services that, in turn, provide data capture from an inbound (received) fax via best-of-breed OCR conversion technology. The OCR conversion server performs optical character recognition (OCR) to convert the image based fax file into completely searchable text, allowing you to streamline business process, increase compliance, and improve accuracy of filing practices. A standard fax-to-OCR-to-SharePoint workflow goes as follows: an incoming file is received via digital fax and routed to a network folder where it is then processed by the recognition software to create full text OCR. Once the text content from the image file is fully searchable, an operator performs point and click attribution for indexing. Once indexed, it delivers the searchable document and data to SharePoint for fully indexed and searchable data.OCR, RightFax and SharePoint workflow

Benefits of Document Indexing with SharePoint, OCR & Digital Fax Solutions

With Become Paperless® digital fax and OCR technologies, organizations can optimize their existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint to provide a powerful document indexing solution. Microsoft SharePoint serves as the industries leading collaboration software. However, many documents today originate in paper form, creating an a gap in functionality through SharePoint's lack of an out-of-the-box document/text capture functionality. Fax and OCR technology give Microsoft SharePoint users an end-to-end solution that drastically improves archival and indexing practices. This provides a host of benefits, including:
  • Increased workflow efficiency by eliminating paper-centric and manual steps
  • Incoming faxes are converted by OCR software to searchable text, indexed, and deposited in SharePoint library automatically
  • Archive files digitally for easy, enterprise-wide search and retrieval
  • Add indexed text to image files (scan, email, fax)
  • Workflow renders all incoming faxes searchable within SharePoint
  • Provides centralized document management system within SharePoint
  • Cut operational costs for storage, retrieval, and archival
Through the institution of digital fax and OCR, Microsoft SharePoint users can streamline business processes, automate document archival and indexing and maximize their existing infrastructural investments. Fax-OCR-SharePoint solutions provide organizations with a tool to eliminate manual data entry and paper-based documents and improve processes through improved ease of access to information.

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