eDocs, eForms & eSignatures

eDocs (electronic documents), eForms (electronic forms), & eSignatures (electronic signatures) offer superior functionality when compared to traditional, paper-based methods of document generation. Not only do eForms, eDocs, and eSignatures produce a more personalized and professional output, but they are also faster, easier, and cheaper to produce and manage.

eDoc, eForm & eSignature Benefits

The transition from paper to digital/electronic workflows not only reduces an organization's commitment to paper-based processes, but also provides a multitude of benefits. The benefits of transitioning from a paper to digital format and document structure include:

Expedite Business Transactions

By generating forms, documents, and signatures in an electronic format, reduce the time it takes to finalize everyday business transactions and projects. Document production time is reduced through easy-to-use templates, and communication is expedited by avoiding manual delivery of forms and documents. When receiving incoming eDocs, eForms, and eSignatures, benefit from an automatic electronic invoice capture and automatic archiving and approval. Incoming eDocs, eForms, and eSignatures can automatically trigger an automated business process, resulting in faster workflow processes, while reducing the amount of errors.

eDoc eSignatures

Ensure Information Privacy and Security

eSignature technology guarantees signer authenticity, data integrity, and the non-repudiation of electronic documents. Authorizations obtained are stored electronically so it is easy to archive copies of legal documents. Multiple signatures on the same document are made easy by removing the need for manual delivery from authenticator to authenticator. By deploying information assurance in conjunction with document generation, employees can easily control how, when, and by whom documents are accessed and used.

eForms, eDocs, and eSignatures Offer Superior Functionality

Generating documents in an electronic format are not only faster and cheaper than traditional methods of document generation, but they also offer superior functionality – It is now easy to customize document generation for each unique recipient. Some possibilities may include adding a table of contents, headers, footers, barcodes, and watermarks. In addition, inserting or extracting metadata allows document packages to be integrated with content management systems, and for further customization, employees can assemble multiple files — such as cover letters, contracts, and terms and conditions — into a cohesive Adobe PDF document package.

Comply with Regulatory Mandates

Electronic signatures enable organizations to comply with regulations worldwide. eForms and eDocs can be produced following a specified format that can automatically ensure that the content adheres to strict regulatory mandates before being authenticated by an eSignature. Improve regulatory compliance by maintaining precise document output specifications and by automating periodic report generation.

Improve Customer Loyalty

eForms, eSignatures, and eDocs are easily customizable for each individual vendor, customer, and partner. These custom and dynamic electronic forms can be quickly generated and distributed, improving responsiveness to important business networks. All dynamically generated documents are based on data stored in core systems, and the solutions support all major applications and file formats, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF, TIFF, AutoCAD, InfoPath, and many more; so it is possible to communicate in the preferred format of your customer. Assemble content from multiple sources into a single, complete, and customized document package that presents a consistent company image across multiple communication channels. Easily create personalized marketing campaigns, and build brand recognition and customer equity.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with handling paper-based documents and forms. Reduce paper purchases, reduce storage space, avoid postage costs, reduce long-distance phone charges for faxes, and avoid manual search and delivery of documents. Add signatures electronically in a matter of seconds, rather than having to print out a given document, sign it manually, then fax it to the intended party. For documents and forms with a high throughput, assign automatic signatures for millions of documents, making it an ideal solution for bulk signing needs such as eInvoicing & eArchiving. Use eForms, eDocs, and eSignatures as a step towards automating your business processes while increasing the quality and efficiency of your document output.

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