FaxPulse: Instant RightFax Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting

Taking your RightFax environment from functional to optimal is worth $10,000s, if not $100,000s, every single year. Consider what passes through it. The payment information, the time-sensitive requests and approvals, the multitude of customer/patient details. These are the critical documents that your business runs on. Even for this mission-critical platform with massive financial impacts, many orgs have no choice but to play a guessing game.
  • “Well, we don’t get many spikes, so it seems like enough capacity for now.”
  • “The outage was probably an isolated event, but we’ll keep an eye on it.”
  • "That user does fax a lot. Hard to say why, though.”
All the RightFax knowledge and intuition in the world just aren’t the same as actually knowing what’s happening behind the scenes and over time. That depth of knowledge is essential to:
  • Consolidate servers efficiently, not wasting money on surplus capacity
  • Avoid costly choke points or SLA misses
  • Catch issues as they happen, and better understand past ones to prevent expensive recurrences

The Challenge of Analytics in RightFax

It often surprises even experienced RightFax admins to learn how many of these answers are already available deep inside the application’s database. Want to know exactly who sent how many pages to whom over which DocTransport after 5pm on Wednesdays last year? Need to see which exactly which servers have seen the most downtime while transmissions were underway?It’s all in there. There’s just one problem: RightFax doesn’t make it obvious!But FaxPulse does.For all that OpenText has done brilliantly with its digital fax solution, the sort of deep and granular analytics you need aren't available out of the box.

Clear, Accessible RightFax Analytics with FaxPulse

Our friends at Advantage Technologies—North America’s largest RightFax partner, yet again—saw too many users struggle to get clear, detailed data on large RightFax environments. These users realized that efficient RightFax management and architecture could accrue five- to six-figure savings. But, to get there, they needed valuable and non-obvious RightFax insights with just a few clicks...not spending months on data warehousing, not sinking their budget into custom report development. And that’s exactly what FaxPulse BI delivers: comprehensive RightFax analytics and monitoring in a simple, “bolt-on” package.
  • Simple set-up with zero code or RightFax reconfiguration
  • Painless delivery through 100% browser-based dashboards
  • No impact to production server performance
  • Total security for compliance with statutes like HIPAA and PCI DSS
The “FaxPulse” moniker comes from a simple but effective monitoring tactic: it sends a consistent “fax pulse” to check system status, responsiveness, and the like.

With this technique, FaxPulse provides real-time monitoring alongside full-fledged historical BI, all inside the same tool!

FaxPulse vs. RightFax Analytics Module

Of course, the value of RightFax BI isn't lost on OpenText. If you’ve ever had to dig into usage and performance data, you’ve probably found (or even purchased) their solution: the RightFax Analytics module. The only problems are:
  • It exposes just one year’s worth of data
  • It doesn’t offer highly granular drill-down
Any reporting is better than none, but it’s a far cry from understanding your mission-critical RightFax environment top-to-bottom, inside-and-out. FaxPulse, on the other hand, retains every bit of data from the moment it goes live. Behind the scenes, it builds a full data warehouse—automatically, of course—to preserve information that may one day prove invaluable.

With only a few clicks, uses can drill as deeply as their analysis or audit demands.
  • Get faster resolution by tracking individual messages, users, fax numbers, DIDs, and more
  • Optimize server capacity by understanding current metrics and trends in their historical context
  • Cut through the noise with customizable alerts on exactly what you need to know, when you want to know it

Start Today & Understand RightFax Like Never Before

When this depth of insight comes with trivial set-up and no service impact, it’s clear why many of the largest RightFax customers choose FaxPulse. What’s more, their successful consolidations and optimizations—often across dozens of servers or more—attest to the ROI of investing in RightFax BI early on. If your own RightFax deployment could benefit from comprehensive and painless analytics, then contact us today to learn more about putting FaxPulse to work.

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