Forms Distribution with Digital OutputDirector

Forms distribution is a vital phase of the document life cycle where users produce or deliver a document for human use. This output/distribution process may involve printing a document, emailing it as an attachment or faxing it. A document may begin as paper, become an electronic image, and then become appear again when printed or faxed. It may be transformed from one form to another, for example, from a mainframe print stream to a personalized bill for printing and mailing. OutputDirector by Paperless Productivity®. is a fully integrated tool for Adobe Central Pro Output Server. OutputDirector automates setup and production of multi-directed E-mail, fax, web, archive, and print distribution from a single stream of central documents.

OutputDirector Form Distribution Benefits

Forms Distribution with OutputDirector allows users to assemble content from multiple sources in a single, complete, and customized, document package that presents a consistent company image across multiple communication channels. Easily create personalized marketing campaigns, and build brand recognition and customer equity. Each vendor or customer's documents can be set up to fax and archive, or print, fax, and E-mail, just to name a few of the combinations. Formatted, HTML text and graphics for E-mail message bodies are provided and automated. This gives E-mail messages a real pizzazz and life that really makes them stand out with users. OutputDirector makes it possible to take a print only Central job and set up print, fax E-mail, web delivery and archiving within 30 minutes, thus increasing your organization's marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Output Director also provides users and organizations with automated archiving and document search. Creation of PDF archives of some or all of the documents is automated, including giving documents intelligent file names that reflect the data in the documents. OutDirector also uses web-based search and retrieval of archived documents.

Low Risk Implementation with OutputDirector

Form Distribution through OutputDirector provides organizations with a solution that is of little risk to implement. Knowledge of field-nominated files or the technical underpinnings of Adobe Central Output Server is not required--it makes all of the necessary changes to the Central Job Management Database. This makes it a snap for anyone to implement and start bringing Central in to the Digital Age. OutputDirector works with any version of Central, including Windows and Unix.

Other Highlights

  • Independently set up Output Options, email addresses, fax numbers
  • Each individual recipient out of a batch can get their documents delivered how and where they want
  • Complex JMD set up is done automatically
  • Batches can be split/grouped, e.g. for grouping reports together for distribution
  • Distribution and archiving can occur simultaneously

Technical Specs:

  • Supports formatted (HTML) email bodies for email distribution or Web delivery
  • Reloads the Job Management Database from within OutputDirector
  • Set up unique Print Agent Option for each application within OutputDirector interface
  • Automatically finds your Central installation, including the jfserver.ini file, Collector Directory and Job Management Database
  • Use the same or different MDF files (compiled forms) for Print, Fax, Email, Web Delivery and Archiving.
  • Set-up runs on Unix through X-Windows

Other Possible Highlights

  • Advanced Distribution Functions for All Versions of Central
  • Ability to send grouped documents (batches) to multiple locations
  • Automatic PDF naming for electronic distribution
  • Batches can be split/grouped, e.g. for grouping reports together for distribution
  • User friendly graphcal set-up
  • Advanced Email Capabilities
  • Emails documents via formatted HTML
  • Data look-up feature for easy distribution
  • Smooth fax integration
  • Automatic archiving interface
  • Electronic report distribution
  • Web delivery
  • Adobe PDF output
  • Email delivery
  • Double byte character support
  • Preview system
  • Email data retrieval

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