OCR for Patient Health History & Risk Assessment (HRA) Automation

Automated capture of patient health history forms and Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) can raise both the quality and the efficiency of care. For all the innovation that has largely replaced hard-copy files with electronic medical records, paper simply won't disappear from health care in the foreseeable future. The fact that care still begins with paper documents, and will continue to in most cases, is also an opportunity for visible process improvement.

Without capturing and automating patient health history forms and HRAs, employees have no choice but to spend hours processing high volumes of these documents. This makes for a costly and error-prone workflow—two unacceptable outcomes when budgets are tight and patients’ well-being is at stake.

OCR Solutions for Health History Form & Risk Assessment Capture

For many health care providers, implementation of optical character recognition (OCR) software has already revolutionized health history forms processing. Instead of spending vast amounts of time recording data in the computer, they simply verify automatically-extracted results with a single keystroke. Timeliness and accuracy improve immediately, often leading to a positive ROI just months later.

With OCR automation for health history forms, you can:

  • Maximize accuracy with customized capture and validation rules
  • Securely export data to EMR / EHR systems or other electronic repositories
  • Automate capture of other forms arriving via electronic fax without ever printing

Better still, the platform recognizes handwriting in 113 languages and counting, including such critical languages as:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian

The Role of OCR Forms Automation in Health Care

OCR data capture software is a powerful, cost-effective, and highly user-friendly tool for health history forms automation. However, its advantages extend far beyond health history forms, to virtually any process initiated by manual data entry. For instance, similar strategies can help automate the processing of patient registration forms, and can provide seamless integration of OCR and fax for EMR applications.

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