RightFax Connect - Cloud Telecom for Fax Servers

Your organization may have many reasons for keeping its RightFax server on-site. Security / compliance requirements and sophisticated in-house fax server integrations, for instance, may mean a local server is the most prudent solution.

But did you know your RightFax server no longer requires the complexity of on-site telecom integration? With the new RightFax Connect technology from OpenText, it’s now possible to enjoy the best of both worlds:

  • Absolute control and privacy with an in-house RightFax server
  • Flexible and simple administration with cloud-based telephony

RightFax Connect cloud services mean your electronic faxing solution can operate free of fax boards, free of dedicated analog or digital phone lines, and free of PBX integration. Even better, with RightFax telephony hosted by OpenText, there is no more need to dedicate resources to infrequent but business-critical peaks in fax volume. Watch this short video to learn more.

Security & Administration with RightFax Connect

As always, OpenText RightFax solutions place data protection first and foremost. RightFax Connect offers a plethora of fax security features, including multi-tiered firewall architecture, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and multiple layers of end-to end encryption to protect data in transit. RightFax Connect clients will also:

  • Retain ownership and portability of both existing and newly provisioned fax numbers
  • Keep all data storage local to their own RightFax server
  • Have full confidence in OpenText’s industry-standard, independently audited data and telecom centers

For many organizations, hosted RightFax telephony increases security and reliability while decreasing operating costs. Our consultants bring unparalleled telecom experience and RightFax expertise to any fax architecture discussion, and look forward to helping your office realize a more secure and cost-effective fax solution.

To learn more about RightFax Connect cloud solutions, hosted telecom integration in general, or other architecture and RightFax support possibilities, contact us today!

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