RightFax-Microsoft Exchange Integration

RightFax integrates with Microsoft Exchange granting users email to fax functionalities and providing a centralized location for sending, receiving and managing fax and emails through their Outlook email inbox with seamless integration via the RightFax Exchange Connector. RightFax has a native integration with Microsoft Exchange via the RightFax Exchange Connector. The tried and tested integration links the market leading digital fax solution with the familiarity of Microsoft Outlook. The Microsoft Exchange integration links the Exchange mail server and Active Directory with desktop faxing and database synchronization features, creating a fully unified fax and email solution.

RightFax-Microsoft Exchange Integration Features

RightFax integration with Microsoft Exchange provides organizations with a fully centralized document delivery system that is easy to manage and requires very little training due to user-familiarity with the Microsoft Outlook interface. The RightFax Exchange Connector combines the familiarity and ease of sending emails from Microsoft Outlook with RightFax's suite of capabilities to provide a mail to fax solution with features including:
  • Create, send, receive and manage faxes directly within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Organize, forward and respond to your faxes exactly the same as email messages.
  • Ability to easily generate and send new faxes to one or more contact addresses in an Outlook Contacts folder including both fax recipients and email recipients in the same form.
  • Generation of custom, automated notifications about send and received faxes in Outlook.
  • Tracking inbound and outbound faxes with the Exchange Message Tracking Log.
  • Automated redundancy and load balancing in multi-server environments.
  • Ability to take advantage and encrypted and certified document delivery from Outlook.
RightFax-Microsoft Outlook integration grants organizations with a fax and email solution that expands on the functionalities of traditional fax and leverages Microsoft Exchange to provide for an improved and familiar interface for secure document distribution.email to fax with rightfax and microsoft exchange

RightFax and Microsoft Exchange Integration Benefits

RightFax and Microsoft Exchange integration offers organizations a feature-rich solution enabling users to send and receive faxes directly from Microsoft Outlook. The ability to send and receive from the Microsoft Outlook mail client extends a great deal of benefits, such as:
  • Improved employee efficiency and production
  • Reduced document delivery costs
  • Improved ease of access to information
  • Improved security through document delivery options
  • Little training needed due to familiarity with Outlook Inbox interface
The integration of RightFax and Exchange, culminates in the development of a secure, centralized, feature rich document delivery system that improves on existing processes with little overhead. Contact Paperless Productivity® to schedule a demo today to see how the RightFax-Exchange integration helps your organization curb operational costs and increase productivity.

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