RightFax Training for Digital Fax Users, Administrators & Trainers

Part of our mission as a full-service fax consultancy is to provide RightFax training courses that empower you to get the most out of your digital fax investment. Not only will custom training ensure that users fully understand the new tool and workflows, but it will also equip your technical team to keep the fax environment running smoothly from day to day.

Our RightFax Technical Training Philosophy

Ultimately, RightFax training is a matter of maximizing your ROI. That’s why we find that a carefully-tailored technical training curriculum benefits our customers for years to come. For RightFax end users, training focuses on understand basic desktop faxing topics, like FaxUtil best practices, phonebook management, and security protocols. We generally divide the curriculum for RightFax administrators into basic and advanced. The former will provide a thorough grounding in user management, fax database and archival practices, and update/patch/hot-fix application, to name just a few topics. The latter will cover more sophisticated topics like server collective administrative, further device/application integrations, and other topics specific to the customer’s fax architecture. To ensure best practices are retained and propagated throughout the organization, our RightFax trainer training will review key technical material while addressing common stumbling blocks and sharing our own pedagogical strategies and tips.

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Whether you're taking on a new RightFax deployment, or trying to get more out of your existing implementation, Paperless Productivity offers concise yet comprehensive training for users, administrators, and internal trainers alike. In most cases, RightFax training can be conduct online or on-site, in accordance with the client’s preference. Please contact a representative to discuss how we can best assist with training, RightFax support, or other fax services.

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