Automated SAP Invoice Processing

Too many accounting departments lose time and money every day just trying to get the right numbers into SAP. That's just par for the course in a standard, paper-bound invoice processing workflow. But what if all that expensive, tedious paper-pushing could simply go away? What if accounting groups, from branch-office teams to shared services centers, could:
  • ...make both FI and MM invoices paperless from receipt through posting?
  • ...handle workflow exceptions intuitively and consistently?
  • ...automate approval routing (even mobile) with no need to access SAP GUI?
  • ...securely integrate invoices with enterprise-wide document storage and search?
  • ...maximize visibility at every step of the process?
With our paperless invoice automation tools, your SAP invoice workflow becomes a fully automated and fully digital process from end-to-end. Cloud-based architecture means a rapid, hardware-free deployment that reduces cost per invoice from day one.

What to Expect from SAP Invoice Automation

Once the solution is live, users immediately start reaping productivity benefits:
  • Staff can use limited hours for higher-value tasks than entering data and tracking approvals
  • Approval timeframes shrink, while liabilities tracking and cash management improve
  • Simple integration with invoice OCR software eliminates all manual data entry for good
Rather than trying to reinvent SAP ECC, our tools work on top of it without additional hardware.

How Long Will It Take to Go Paperless?

We realize that your SAP implementation took several months (or quite possibly years). In contrast, we're proud say that our invoice automation solutions generally go live just one month. There are no surprise deployment costs, either, since everything from licenses to implementation support is included.

Does This Require Changes to SAP?

No. You may need a single ABAP add-on and, optionally, a desktop scan client, but that's it. No hardware, no viewer software, and no SAP modifications.

Can We Start With a Pilot Project?

Yes, and that's often a wise approach. Given the inefficiency of paper-based invoice management, even pilot projects can quickly generate a compelling ROI, which builds momentum and buy-in for future expansion.
As workflow and data capture automation experts, we specialize in transforming processes from financial and legal liabilities into sources of competitive advantage. We've deployed automation platforms in nearly every imaginable industry, creating a secure and cost-effective solution each time. To start streamlining your SAP invoice workflows, and put an end to manual data entry, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and live invoice automation demo.

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