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SAP order processing servSAP invoice processingices by Paperless Productivity® provide a solution custom tailored to the needs of your organization. Your business depends on the information generated from SAP applications. It gives the road map for customer and supplier interactions, dictates business cycles and drives collaboration and decision making--all of which can determine profitability or failure. To maximize the return on investment generated by SAP applications, documents must be processed, managed and delivered to customers and suppliers in a timely, secure and efficient way. However, traditional methods for manually processing and delivering information have high hidden costs and inefficiencies. They also lack the reliability needed in today's environment.

SAP Processing

SAP Order Processing Solution and Benefits

Paperless Productivity offers an end to end solution to automate business processes in conjunction with SAP applications. By leveraging these technologies, companies improve the ability to route and track processes, documents and data. This ability improves productivity and streamlines operations while reducing costs and maximizing information and infrastructure investments. Some benefits might include:

  • Unattended, real-time electronic document delivery and receipt: Efficiently distribute batch-oriented business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and statements.
  • Multiple, redundant delivery options: Send and receive documents via fax, email or the Internet.
  • Scheduled or immediate delivery: Enhance service levels with instantaneous document delivery or reduce costs by scheduling delivery for off-peak telephone rates.
  • Encrypted and certified document deliver: Provide additional security with secure and encrypted delivery options.
  • Document-based host notifications: Send fax status directly to the host applications.
  • Customizable notifications: Create fax status notifications, including graphics to meet tracking and audit trail requirements.
  • Java and XML: Take advantage of Java, XML and Com to integrate and customize the solution.

Paperless Productivity's SAP Order Processing solutions offer a hosts of benefits to SAP users and provide businesses the ability to optimize existing infrastructure and gain a strategic advantage in facing the demands of 21st-century business. SAP Order Processing solutions improve employee productivity, reduce costs and shorten the business cycle.

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