Fax OCR & Fax Capture: Replacement for SMARTsend®

Xerox® SMARTsend® software provided a means of capturing and distributing information from paper documents. But now that SMARTsend has reached EOL, organizations with complex document capture and OCR routing workflows must look to alternative solutions. For most offices, requirements include:
  • Capture of paper documents
  • Conversion of document images into usable data
  • Automatable routing based on converted data
  • Straightforward network integration for all the above processes
When it comes to selecting a SMARTsend replacement, many IT departments do not realize all these features are already available in enterprise digital fax solutions, such as RightFax from OpenText. These fax OCR capabilities are offered through a highly evolved recognition / conversion platform, accompanied by endlessly customizable routing and privacy options.

The Missing Piece: A Paperless Document Workflow

Perhaps even more importantly, the RightFax helps customers do what SMARTsend can’t: eliminate paper. Rather than implementing complex software merely to tread water amid a sea of paper, a RightFax-centric workflow can simply eliminate paper altogether, for a myriad of financial and operational benefits.
  • Virtually eliminate paper, toner, and time wasted on printing and traditional faxing
  • Cut the costs of fax machines and most of their dedicated phone lines
  • Customize routing rules by document origin, network/email destination, and much more
  • Minimize privacy risks by keeping all inbound documents in an encrypted depository
  • Track the viewing, sending, and receipt of every single document that passes through
These are just a handful of the reasons many organizations consider RightFax the logical replacement for outdated SMARTsend software. If you are ready to update or replace SMARTsend with the next step in document capture and distribution technology, RightFax may be the clear choice.

Digital Fax Implementation & RightFax Support

Paperless Productivity understands that OCR fax routing and document capture solutions deal with business-critical information, and are high-stakes projects for virtually every client. So when it comes time to deploy a fax + capture solution, our meticulous workflow analysis and project planning lay the groundwork for a reliable, on-time, and on-budget deployment. Every project is backed up by customized training and highly responsive RightFax support. Please contact us today for further information, or to arrange a live demo or complimentary workflow analysis.

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