OCR and RightFax for Diagnostic Imaging

OCR and RightFax provide solutions for Diagnostic Imaging Departments that drastically improve processes, aid compliance efforts and provide improved patient care. OCR and RightFax solutions provide document-centric workflow to manage the life-cycle of medical documents and patient records, from the initial capture into a digital repository through the process management, delivery and archive stages. The integration of RightFax and OCR with healthcare information systems (HIS) and radiology information systems (RIS) streamlines document management and improves information availability for healthcare organizations. The integration of OCR and fax into current HIS and RIS systems automates the flow of documents from department to departments. This allows for imaging to automatically receive patient information from admission and pre-registration then generate reports which are sent to the right department, while all information is tracked and archived. RightFax and OCR effectively improve existing process through the elimination of manual paper handling, insuring document security and aiding in HIPAA regulatory compliance.

OCR and RightFax Workflow for Radiology Departments

OCR technology, in conjunction with RightFax, provides organizations with a complete workflow for radiology departments and other diagnostic imaging departments. Using RightFax, the market leading digital fax solution, an organization can receive faxes containing physicians notes, physician referrals, or radiology reports in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner. After the fax is received, OCR technology captures pertinent information from the records such as patient name, date of birth, or physician name for importation into the organization's scheduling application to complete the workflow or into any EMR / EHR system such as GE / IDX for automated information archival. The OCR and RightFax workflow for radiology and other diagnostic imaging departments serves as an end-to-end solution with little human intervention, combining many features that help streamline processes and improve patient care, including:
  • Automatic recognition and routing of faxed scanned documents
  • Workflows triggered by incoming documents
  • Medical records archived and accessible in a protected environment
  • Authorized access from any workstation or Web portal
  • Security from unauthorized access throughout the entire process
  • Audit trails of all activity and processes

OCR and RightFax for Diagnostic Imaging Benefits

OCR software, working in tandem with RightFax, provide diagnostic imaging departments a host of benefits. As the HITECH Act and HIPAA compliance regulations bare down on healthcare organizations, security and integrity of patient information has become paramount. In the mad scramble to reach Stage 1 compliance through institution of EMR / EHR systems healthcare budgets, especially Health Information Technology (HIT) budgets, have become tight. OCR-RightFax workflow solutions provide a host of benefits to healthcare organizations looking to support and compliance efforts as well as improve patient care through HIT initiatives with little disruption to an organization or department's current processes and a quick return on investment. These benefits include:
  • Reduced space, time and people required for storage and retrieval of paper documents
  • Supports compliance efforts through secure document delivery and improved data accuracy
  • Elimination of manual data entry errors through automated importation of data
  • Lower claims rejection rate from the industry average of 40 percent
  • Delivery of vital medical information to the right person at the right time
  • Greater accuracy of reports, analysis and attestations
  • Reduced average cost of unavailable or bad information to a doctor, estimated at $35k per doctor, per year
  • Immediate availability of case-management repository of new care procedures and results
  • Electronic review of orders, results and pharmaceutical history that can potentially reduce medical error and drug interaction conflicts
  • Readily available information for utilization review of diagnostic procedures to determine the highest reimbursement
  • Best medical practices dissemination through digital analysis of results and quality of care
An OCR and RightFax workflow solution for diagnostic imaging departments eliminates paper-based documents and paper-based processes through a fully digital, automated workflow that helps improve patient care by increasing ease-of-access to patient information, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and improving quality of patient information.

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