OCR and RightFax for Electronic Medical Records

RightFax and OCR solutions for Electronic Medical Records, by Paperless Productivity®, provide healthcare organizations optimized use of their EMR / EHR solution. Paperless Productivity provides document-centric workflow to manage the life-cycle of medical documents and patient records, from the initial capture into a digital repository through the process management, delivery and archive stages. Paperless Productivity integrates digital fax, workflow, and document management solutions with healthcare information systems to streamline document management and improve information availability for healthcare organizations. This eliminates the error of manual paper handling, insuring document security and HIPAA compliance.

RightFaxFax and Electronic Medical Record Integration

Become Paperless® RightFax integration services from Paperless Productivity provide EMR / EHR adopters the ability to integrate fax capabilities with their Electronic Health Records system. As healthcare organizations face strict compliance requirements and growing operational costs, secure transmission of patient health information (PHI) is vital for the success of a patient-centric healthcare providers. As such, healthcare organizations must implement new solutions to the problem of confidential document transmission. Fax remains the predominant mode of document conveyance within the healthcare industry as it provides secure document communication between providers in a manner that ensures document integrity.RightFax integrates with leading EMRsPaperless Productivity specializes in integrating on-premise, hosted and hybrid fax solutions with EMR / EHR applications to facilitate inbound and outbound fax transmission from an organizations EMR / EHR solution. Fax integrations with EMR / EHR applications allows organizations to:
  • Fax prescriptions from Order Entry
  • Fax referral or thank you letters to physicians
  • Fax lab results
  • Fax confidential health information, such as legal medical records
Integration of fax with an organizations EMR / EHR eliminates manual steps in the faxing process, thus reducing an organizations exposure to risk and facilitating quick and easy document distribution. Paperless Productivity® offers secure, encrypted delivery options to further promote document security. Fax-EMR/EHR integration provides a host of benefits to health organizations, including:
  • Inbound fax delivery to e-mail, web-client, or network folder
  • Fax transmission notifications via e-mail, web-client or network folder
  • Leverage existing multi-function printers (MFPs)
  • Complete audit trail

RightFax EMR / EHR Integrations

RightFax integration with EMR / EHR applications provides simple, HIPAA compliant document distribution solutions that promote compliance efforts, reduce operational costs and improve patient-care. Paperless Productivity has experience integrating with the vast majority of EMR / EHR solutions on the market, such as:

OCR for Electronic Medical Records

OCR technology assists organizations making the transition to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to achieve Stage 1 Meaningful Use. The transition from paper-based medical records to those of a digital nature is a daunting task as medical data and PHI needs to be imported from paper-based records into an organization's EMR / EHR system. Manual data entry has served as the current practice for transitioning data between these two formats. However, manual data entry is a time-consuming, expensive, and inaccurate practice. Our OCR software leverages a best-of-breed OCR engine to capture data from a paper based document and populate that data into the EMR. This provides a highly intelligent, automated, accurate and cost-effective means of making the transition to a paperless medical office. The end product is a solution with the data input accuracy and efficiency necessary to meet impending compliance deadlines. OCR software not only provides an organization a solution to accommodate existing paper-based medical records, but also to provides a framework to handle influx of future medical records in the form of patient referrals, prescriptions, faxes, and lab report. It can capture data off of any type of form, no matter the structure, making it perfectly suited for the diverse format of medical records, surveys, and forms. OCR solutions grant healthcare organizations the freedom to allocate their resources toward patient care, instead of tedious administrative tasks.

Fax and OCR for Electronic Medical Records

Fax and OCR optimizes an organization's investment in Electronic Medical Records. Paperless Productivity leverages fax and OCR technology to provide healthcare organizations with efficient and low cost paperless processes. Fax and OCR effectively bridges the collaboration gap between disparate EMR / EHR systems and provides organizations with a single point of entry for medical documents into an EMR / EHR application. By leveraging OCR and fax solutions for Electronic Medical Records, organizations can expect to improve patient care through:
  • Transitioning to quick and accurate automated data entry
  • Leveraging efficient and low-cost paperless processes
  • Improving patient satisfaction through quicker access to information
  • Easily bringing data and documents into any system
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