eco impact logoSave the environment and save money with business workflow solutions through Paperless Productivity®. We believe paper reduction and business process automation are not only financially prudent, but the right thing to do.

Economical and Ecological Benefit with Paperless Productivity

Reducing your paper consumption is a simple way to have a huge impact on the environment, and especially CO2 emissions. An average tree can only produce about 17 reams of paper, and takes about 100 years to grow. What's more, over 50% of paper comes from virgin forests, and about 16%of those are old growth. Producing those 17 reams from one tree will release about 110 lbs of C02 into the atmosphere. The real cost, though, is the loss of a "carbon sink": if left alone, the average tree would absorb around a 2,000 lbs of C02 in its lifetime. That's why reducing paper usage has a direct impact on a company's carbon footprint. An ideal starting point is to turn paper documents into electronic ones and adopting technologies like paperless faxing. How many reams of paper (and trees) does your organization use every month? Check out your organization’s net impact on the environment through our carbon footprint calculator.

Economic Savings

Going paperless also saves another type of paper: the green, wallet-sized kind. Digital transformation and more eco-friendly workflow solutions help reduce operating expenses, saving some firms many millions of dollars per year. Even small businesses can enjoy a real boost to their bottom line by saving on consumables and freeing up staff from shuffling paper. For instance, paperless faxing and OCR (optical character recognition) software allows users to get rid of phone lines and minimize data entry costs , while using just a fraction of the paper compared to before. And did we mention the business benefits of never misplacing a file again? Contact us and join the thousands of companies that realize ongoing savings and payback for their investment within twelve, six, or even three months.

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