Carbon Footprint

An organization's business processes can have a large carbon footprint. Did you know that it takes 24 trees to produce one ton of uncoated, non-recycled printing and office paper, of which four million tons are used annually? This means that in the United States alone, we consume the equivalent of about 96 million trees per year, enough to cover hundreds of thousands of acres, just to satisfy our office paper needs. Moreover, since all paper, recycled or virgin, is about 40% carbon by mass, roughly 1.6 million tons of carbon will eventually be released into the environment as a result of each year's paper consumption. This contributes tremendously to forest degradation, not to mention the effects of the huge inputs of chemicals, energy, and water needed in the manufacturing process. Not only is a "paperless" organization more eco-friendly, but it also benefits from reduced costs by minimizing paper purchases, decreasing storage space for filing cabinets, avoiding postage costs, reduce long-distance phone charges for faxes, avoiding manual search and delivery of documents, automating many business processes, and lowering the energy costs of operating MFP's / MFD's and other office machines. Save time, save money, and save forests with digital fax solutions from Paperless Productivity®. We are also proud supporters of the Washington Conservation Voters group.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Calculator

Our carbon footprint and carbon reduction calculator uses facts about the chemical make-up of office paper to calculate the carbon release that may result from your office paper usage, as well as the contribution to deforestation. You'll be surprised to see just how much a difference paper reduction can make. By reducing paper consumption, you'll not lower CO2 emissions through paper processing. Since each tree that is preserved is able to "consume" CO2 in the atmosphere, the difference is nearly tripled. Paper can only be recycled about three times, so the carbon in all discarded paper will eventually be released into the environment in some way. Of course we hope that tree planing initiatives will help sequester this carbon, but the surest way to prevent it is to discard paper for good by transitioning to a paperless office.

Leave a Mark. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Paperless Productivity seeks to demonstrate that the reduction of your organization's carbon footprint does not lessen productivity, increase costs or involves esoteric technology. Quite the opposite, in fact. When an organization transitions to paperless operations by taking advantage of the premier electronic document solutions, scaled to your needs and tailored to your goals, you will find that document management has never been faster, cheaper, simpler or more environmentally sound. If you're ready to minimize your footprint and enjoy unprecedented efficiency, call us today at 877-MY-FAXING to discuss how innovative electronic document management will improve your entire entire bottom line.
PDF documents are an environmentally friendly way to communicate, but only if you don’t click the Print button. Join with us to raise World awareness on this issue. Put the "Print Less" awareness pop-up box on all of your PDF documents today.

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