RightFax integrates with Oracle applications to provide an automated document distribution system that drastically improves existing processes. By integrating RightFax with Oracle applications and technology products, companies improve the ability to access, route, manipulate and track processes, documents and data. The added ability improves productivity, enhances collaboration and streamlines operations while reducing costs and maximizing corporate information and infrastructure investments.

RightFax-Oracle Capabilities

RightFax, the market leading digital fax solution, optimizes Oracle in a manner that streamlines processes and improves productivity. RightFax integrates via the RightFax Connector for Oracle, effectively extending the feature-rich nature of RightFax to Oracle users. With RightFax serving as a document delivery system for Oracle, Oracle users can:
  • Automated delivery of invoices, POs, loan applications, financial reports and other business critical documents
  • Batch-oriented delivery for high volume documents directly from Oracle
  • Secure and encrypted document delivery to ensure confidentiality
  • Email integrations (Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes)
  • Customizable delivery options - send and receive documents via email, fax, certified e-mail or encrypted PDF
RightFax provides Oracle users with alternative to traditional means of document distribution such as snail mail, unsecured email and traditional faxing. The extension of automated, customizable delivery options improves the security of information exchange and streamlines the process of document distribution providing many benefits to accounts payable, accounts receivable, and purchasing departments. RightFax integration with Oracle

RightFax with Oracle Benefits

The extension of RightFax's capabilities to Oracle users automates the process of document distribution. Current processes of manual information exchange is a time consuming endeavor that hinders employee productivity. Leveraging RightFax's capabilities and functionalities enhances the efficacy of Oracle, and as a result enhances an organization's existing infrastructural investments and internal processes. RightFax provides Oracle users with a multitude of benefits, including:
  • Secure document distribution
  • Supports compliance efforts
  • Reduces document distribution costs
  • Fast ROI
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced document delivery times
  • Shorter business cycle for Accounts Receivable and Purchasing departments
Businesses rely on timely document distribution and Oracle generates high volumes of documents without method of document transmission. Leverage RightFax to fill that gap in functionality and experience your organization's savings in time and productivity, all while supporting compliance efforts and improving processes.