Email to Fax Integration with Microsoft Exchange & Lotus Notes

Email to Fax capabilities with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and Lotus Notes integration with RightFax provide a key component of your organization's unified communications infrastructure. With email, voice, and SMS already centralized onto a single platform, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and Lotus Notes integration with RightFax grants organization's an added component to their Unified Communications environment.

With RightFax's native integration with Microsoft Outlook / Exchange and Lotus Notes via the RightFax Microsoft Exchange Connector and RightFax Lotus Notes Connector, organization's can now use their email as a fast and centralized access point to send, receive and manage fax transmission. The Microsoft Exchange integration links the Exchange mail server and Active Directory with desktop faxing and database synchronization features, creating a fully unified fax and email solution.

Email to Fax Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Features

Email to fax integration with your existing Microsoft Outlook platform provides a multitude of added features and functionalities essential for executing business critical communication. RightFax Microsoft Exchange Module and RightFax Lotus Notes Module features include:

  • Ability to create, receive, and manage faxes directly within Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes
  • Ability to organize, forward and respond to your faxes exactly the same as email messages
  • Easy generation and sending of new faxes to one or more contact addresses in an Outlook Contacts folder, including both fax recipients and email recipients in the same form.
  • Generating custom, automated notifications about sent and received faxes in Outlook
  • Tracking inbound and outbound faxes with the Exchange Message Tracking Log.
  • Automated redundancy and load balancing in multi-server environments
  • Taking advantage of encrypted and certified document delivery from Outlook and Lotus Notes

Email to Fax Integration Benefits

Email to fax integration provides a centralized location for sending, receiving and managing fax traffic which provides a host of benefits to organizations, such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased faxing efficiency
  • Security of fax transmission, with ease of email

RightFax integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook and Lotus Notes provides a mail to fax solution that integrates into your organization's unified communications platform and increases productivity and efficiency. RightFax provides mail to fax functionality with Microsoft Exchange Servers 2003 or later and Lotus Notes R7 and R8.

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