The pace of innovation in software for Windows VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) has accelerated rapidly as IT departments face unprecedented budget and performance demands. For several years, desktop virtualization has been standard operating procedure when it comes to maximizing hardware utilization and resource management. But as storage and compute requirements exceed a certain point, VM infrastructure can become tougher and costlier to expand.

Do lagging performance, increased cost per VM, or escalating power bills sound familiar? If so, then unifying compute, storage, and storage networking in a single hyper-converged appliance may be the breakthrough that your data center needs.

Why Hyper-Converged VM Infrastructure?

As the first all-flash VDI solution tailored to Microsoft Hyper-V environments, HyperGrid represents the next step in the evolution of the data center.

  • Increased VM density lowers cost per VM by up to 65%!
  • Minimal hardware and licensing requirements lower CapEx and OpEx for good
  • Bare-metal, native Windows architecture minimizes resource demands
  • Node-based design makes implementation and expansion straightforward

As various workloads are consolidated into a single Windows VDI appliance, the proverbial single pane of glass becomes more and more of a reality. In addition to simpler overall management, many IT teams also find greater flexibility by spending less time on niche infrastructure such as their SAN/NAS and switches.

However, not all hyper-converged VDI options are equally cost-effective for growing organizations. Most critically, few (if any) offer separate compute and storage. This means that both resources must be scaled up simultaneously, even though storage requirements generally grow around six times faster! Expansion can therefore become a high-stakes, educated guess—at best.

By allowing separate compute and storage expansion, HyperGrid mitigates one of the single biggest risks of any VDI project. The result is high-performance Windows VDI for your users, simple scaling for your team, and peace of mind for your CIO.

As illustrated below, HyperGrid's unique architecture also provides cutting-edge Hyper-V storage QoS:

HyperGrid Storage & Windows VDI Solutions

This design not only allows more efficient hardware use and lower overall costs, but lets customers ensure fast, responsive operation for key business applications.

Windows VDI Consulting & Support Services

As HyperGrid continues to redefine the Windows data center, organizations from small businesses to multinationals are entrusting their VM environments to its hyper-converged appliance. With years of Windows VDI implementation experience, and a team of VM solutions experts at the ready, Paperless Productivity® can help you make an innovative, cost-effective data center a reality.

Furthermore, we offer the highly responsive and capable HyperGrid support to keep your virtual desktops fully updated and performing at their best. As a long-time Microsoft® partner, we can also serve as a one-stop shop for all Windows Server, SQL Server, and other essential licenses for your data center.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact our Windows desktop virtualization specialists today.