Microsoft Hyper-V Storage & QoS with HyperGrid

Windows Server and Hyper-V are the backbone of untold thousands of data centers around the world. But despite everything that this setup does well out of the box, one of its major shortcomings is quality of service for Hyper-V storage. The ability to set minimum and maximum IOPS at the disk level is helpful—and certainly better than nothing—but as data and headcount and workloads all expand, more sophisticated QoS controls become increasingly necessary. Like so many other phenomena, Hyper-V storage workloads tend to follow an 80/20 rule, wherein about 20% of them account for 80% of the business or operational urgency. If basic Microsoft QoS doesn’t let you adequately prioritize those 20%, is your data center truly supporting your business requirements?

Hyper-V Storage with HyperGrid

Hyper-V storage solutions from HyperGrid cut the imprecision out of QoS management, while conferring the many other benefits of a hyper-converged Windows VDI solution. Unlike the simplistic controls in Microsoft QoS for Hyper-V, HyperGrid lets customers:
      • Define custom VM priority classes
      • Set and enforce both min and max IOPS per VM
      • Manage both of the above concurrently
HyperGrid QoS is built around two components: vControllers to issue I/O requests, and rControllers to receive and deal with the requests. Much like the way market equilibrium happens when supply matches demand, the vController/rController architecture ensures Hyper-V storage I/O equilibrium.HyperGrid Hyper-V Storage ArchitectureThe result? Consistently optimal performance, with simple yet granular QoS management through a single interface.

Deploying a Smarter Hyper-V Storage Solution

Few solutions, in any niche, offer such impressive gains in ease of management and cost-effective performance at the same time. That’s what makes HyperGrid the preferred solution of a wide range of companies facing Hyper-V storage challenges and high VM performance demands. Our virtualization architects have deep experience in designing and deploying enterprise-class storage solutions with HyperGrid. From providing initial Windows Server licenses through supporting complex VM environments, we look forward to giving you trustworthy advice, attentive service, and a valuable partnership. For further information on HyperGrid products and services from Paperless Productivity®, please contact us today.

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