OCR Automation & Document Conversion

Automated optical character recognition (OCR) and document imaging classification, conversion, and archiving has never been easier. OCR conversion software automates OCR and document management processes with unprecedented simplicity, and can produce searchable documents betweeen PDF, Word, Excel and other document formats in an astounding 191 languages.

Our OCR software is designed for mid to high-volume OCR processing, and can be used as either a turn-key solution or a component of document capture and management structures; as either a standalone program or an integral part of a third-party system. Moreover, its server-based design allows for centralized set-up and management while retaining universal access, simplifying these processes and enabling employees to utilize its document processing capabilities without the need for specialized training.

OCR Conversion Server Capabilities

OCR conversion using a server-based solution can drastically improve archival processes. Through its best-of-breed capture technology, it can accommodate high volumes of paper-based forms for processing with customizable output options. The ability to convert paper based documents into searchable, digital file formats, coupled with various export paths provides organizations with a tool to optimize existing infrastructure and improve filing/archival processes. OCR conversion software makes document processing simpler by:

  • Facilitating fast and accurate conversion of high volumes of printed documents to searchable electronic file formats--in fact, thanks to the possibility of integrating more computers and CPUs the rate of document conversion is virtually unlimited.
  • Automating and streamlining routine document conversion processes in large departments and enterprises
  • Integrating rapidly and inexpensively with other server-based systems and applications, including Microsoft SharePoint
  • Recognizing unusual, inconsistent, or otherwise-hard-to-decipher text
  • Facilitating OCR for Microsoft Search Appliance, enabling indexing of all scanned and photographed documents

OCR Software Components

Our OCR server tool offers best-of-breed OCR technology for document imaging classification, conversion and archiving that is fully scalable for the diverse needs and sizes of organizations. It provides a user-friendly experience that can be deployed as a server based application or at an individual workstation. Major components include:

  • The Server Manager controls the document processing queue and orchestrates the work of Processing Stations and Verification Stations
  • The Processing Station service performs recognition and document conversion
  • The client-end Verification Station is an interface for proofreading the recognition results
  • The Remote Administration Console is a client console for configuring and monitoring the OCR server
  • All the above can be installed on the same computer, or on different computers in a network

OCR software can drastically improve your organization's document management practices through automated data capture and data conversion. It reduces costs, improves ease of access and provides a technical advantage necessary for succeeding in today's marketplace. Please visit our OCR software resource library or simply contact our team to learn more.

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