Scan-to-fax functionality through a RightFax digital fax solution uses existing multifunction printers / devices to streamline faxing processes. MFP and MFDs are staples of the office environment. Paperless Productivity® offers RightFax solutions that integrate with the leading multifunction printer and device manufacturers to consolidate all faxing services on the network, giving users convenient walk-up access to faxing on the same MFP they use daily for printing, scanning and copying. MFP users also get access to sophisticated fax services such as multiple cover sheets, delivery to group lists, audit trails, tracking, notifications and options for certified, encrypted document delivery. This becomes the organization's centralized document delivery hub, improving the efficiency and security of document-based transactions while reducing costs. This gives organizations a powerful tool for consolidating resources while saving time and money on administrative tasks. scan to fax architecture

Benefits of MFP / MFD Scan-to-Fax Integration

Digital fax integration with MFPs / MFDs improves management by consolidating all faxing services on the network. This drastically reduces or even eliminates stand-alone fax machines and/or analog lines, which yields benefits like:
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Consolidation of fax onto MFP reduces legacy fax machines and supplies associated with traditional faxing (paper and toner)
  • Increased productivity and efficiency: Allow users to fax, print, copy and scan from one device to save time and improve workflow processes
  • Centralized Control of Faxing: Move all fax resources to the network to provide one point of control for hard copy and electronic faxing
  • Improved Security and Support Compliance: Manage documents sent from networked MFPs and provide secure document delivery options, notifications and archival of sent and received faxes to safeguard confidentiality and support regulation compliance. Audit trail, electronic faxing and tamper resistant delivery features offer better security for scanned documents.
  • Proven reliability: Long-standing partnerships and tested integrations with leading MFP / MFD manufacturers.
Scan-to-fax functionality through RightFax integration extends multiple benefits that improve an organization's existing fax services. It simplifies fax management and compliance efforts, increases productivity, and reduces costs associated with traditional faxing.

Manufacturers Supporting Scan-to-Fax Functionality

RightFax integrates with many industry leading MFP / MFD manufacturers, extending scan-to-fax functionality to almost any organization's fleet of multifunction devices. Paperless Productivity® most often integrates fax solution with devices from: RightFax provides stable integrations, providing scan to fax to to a diverse set of MFP devices. Leveraging scan-to-fax functionality optimizes an organization's MFP / MFD fleet and provides numerous added benefits, cost savings and fast ROI.